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  1. I've walked on a cast iron bridge; but I can't tell you were a second one is...) good joke
  2. I was happy to hear from you the bottom part is made of steel. There is not much love here for cast iron though, by google’s saying; cast iron is not less worthy than steel
  3. Since when is Trenton an anvil with face-plate??? This is mine and has no face. I have it from a USA military base in Europe. It must be original
  4. Hi! I found a 202 kg soderfors which I got a bit excited for and payed a bit too much probably. Then I went online to see how you guys are evaluating tools. It looks like here in Europe tool trends follow the US market (in brands, patterns, condition etc ). My question is. How do you get to say : mint, dead mint, good, fine, fine + ? Is it a repaired anvil the worst thing possible?
  5. He he... I’ve never heard of “travel anvil “ before. I had the same feeling about weight.
  6. Hi, Often I get this request; “I want a small anvil, it’s for my son. He is young” . Does anyone knows? Is it easier to work on small anvils? Do one have to hammer less if the anvil is bigger?
  7. I too, like Lou’s idea.I’ve seen the prices you have for European anvils are not reasonable. We should start that “ fair anvil disposal service”, shouldn’t we?
  8. Some I have cleaned and found nothing written but numbers, some I didn’t. Usually have something on, that is hard to remove. The big ones though they look unused their faces are not perfect plane.
  9. Hi. I m from Norway. I don't know much about anvils but I totally like the shape, "posture" of a good anvil. I run a lot into anvils on my way through west Europe. The one on the bottom is 270 kg. I have more, each one different . It is super cool that you answered me. Ill try to test the anvils as you said.
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