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  1. That's a good idea thank you ill keep my eyes out for some.
  2. Thanks MotoMike i agree with the steam punk look. Irondragon forge and clay you are correct in the narrow legs. While sitting with door closed its very stable door open leans it wants to lean over slightly. Yes I agree extending legs will help too thanks for your thoughts guys and recommendations.
  3. Here's my 1st forge build after buying a welder and feeling creative. The builds off scraps and low buget in mind. Using burners from my other forge on this one as well. Steal was scavenged from trash people were throwing out and stuff I had left over in the metal pile. But was a fun process thus far learning and creating.
  4. Made air slots wider to see if I can adjust a little more from the choke, and filed down my contact tip a bit until i cam order some that are tapered. Slots still ruff will smooth them out when i get back to the house. Ok will do. Thanks guys
  5. Ok Mikey98118 i did make an inside bevel in the inside of the mixing tube, sorry if im not up to par with jargin only started messing with this stuff recently. Jackdawg thanks for sharing the build and just another Viking love the doors cool touch.
  6. Thanks for sharing I like the brick sliding door as well very handy.
  7. I think I get what your saying bevel out the flare to make a better flare opposed to the straight shot. There's a machinist near me that i can get to use a lathe and get the inside bevel a bit and i think ill hit him up. I think if i try it won't turn out even. Thanks for the advice.
  8. Ok good thanks again forgive me, I'm new and I tried the search button to find one. Thanks for the help.
  9. Wish i found ur thread i wouldn't have started a new one thank you. Feel free to add to your thread. Thanks for sharing link.
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