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  1. No telling how old it is. I was just saying that it is "old" and it was considered "old" when US Steel wanted to throw it away 30 years ago. I guess there is no real way to tell, huh?
  2. You're right about the tow truck. I guess I should have said "run off with it". The anvil is Pretty Old since he has had it 30 years or so, and It came from US Steel Works
  3. gotcha. I'll have to try it.
  4. Ok. Will do. Please elaborate on both tests and I'll check it out!
  5. Yeah, pretty sure it isn't made of cast iron. I just wonder what it is or if it is a one-off tool for something specific.
  6. Sent you a PM.

  7. I gotcha! haha. Yeah, we welded a cap on the bottom so no one would steal it! hahaha.
  8. Hey guys......new to this site and wanted to share pictures of an anvil my grandfather has had for around 20-30 years or so. He got it from US Steel plant, where he worked, and brought it home. They were tearing down some buildings and were going to throw it away and he had it loaded on his truck to bring home. We mounted it on a steel work table so it could be swiveled and rotated. Never have had a reason to use it, but it is one of the biggest and coolest anvils we have ever seen. Each "leg" of the anvil is a different size. They are all the "half-moon" shape.It is also extremely heavy, so no worries of anyone stealing it!! haha. I'm hoping someone here can help us identify it and tell us more about it.
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