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  1. I was/am facing a similar dilemma as you. My property is only 10k square feet and our town allows up to 200 sqft structures. What I decided to do was to have two separate structures. First is a 10x10 shed with 3 work tables with grinders, drill press, small bandsaw, small tempering oven, and plenty room for finishing work. Directly next to it I have a steel gazebo meant to surround a bbq grill or firepit. I have a propane forge, post vise, anvil, and swage block under that structure. For the winter, I hung canvas from the structure and sprayed it with fire retardant material.  As for the neighbors I asked them if I was being to loud after a long day of banging steel.  They said they didn't notice anything out of the usual.  Having the more open structure allows me to forge larger items (not that I am doing that now)  and is also more comfortable in the summer compared to forging in a small shed.  Most importantly, my wife approves of the smaller structures in the backyard, she felt that the 20x10 structure would be too obtrusive in the backyard.  Up here they had all the remaining gazebos at the local big box store at 75% off in October, so that was also part of my decision making process.

    FYI, I am not a blacksmith, I am just learning.  I have this great knack of learning how to do things the wrong way, but it is still learning...

  2. yes, I wanted to make sure I cleared that dent in the screw box. I put the two thicker parts in the center, and the shallow convex parts in the outside.  Do you see a problem with that approach?  It appears to work well, but this is my first time using a post vise

  3. jlpservice, I just realized i never posted a picture in response to your question. Surprisingly the double spherical washer set appears to stay tight to about 12 inches. I do not see any gaps.  I opened the ID if the washers by about 0.050 inches.



  4. same thing happened to me as Das. I copy and paste into chrome (win10) and get a 404 error. i cut and paste the address bar then from chrome and see that there is code (for non standard characters after the letter s in the word sword. www.ganoksin.com/article%EF%BB%BF%EF%BB%BF%EF%BB%BF%EF%BB%BF%EF%BB%BF%EF%BB%BF%EF%BB%BF/a-replica-of-the%EF%BB%BF%EF%BB%BF%EF%BB%BF%EF%BB%BF%EF%BB%BF%EF%BB%BF-sutton-%EF%BB%BFhoo-s%EF%BB%BF%EF%BB%BFw%EF%BB%BF%EF%BB%BF%EF%BB%BF%EF%BB%BFo%EF%BB%BF%EF%BB%BF%EF%BB%BFrd%EF%BB%BF/

    its probably a windows thing.  Das's link works for me

  5. I am in the process of making /adjusting the spring and building the stand. I think I may have to make the ID of the washers a little larger than what i currently made.  The spherical radius itself can provide about15 degrees of rotation. i bought two just in case I needed to add them in series for increased range. The distance from the pivot to the bolt is about 40 inches which would produce about a 12Deg sweep angle when separating the jaws by 4 inches. the bolt is about 1.75 inches and i will need to grind the washer opening to about 1.790 inches to allow free rotation to that angle. Wow, that was too much math for a saturday before my first cup of coffee

  6. Actually, i found a set i could modify for cheap from Amazon, Morton Low Carbon Steel Spherical Washer Sets, Equalizing Washers, Inch Size, 1-5/8" Bolt Size. I had to grind the ID a bit but for 9 bucks it was worth it compared to the cost at McMaster.

  7. Well, I experimented with canister Damascus over the weekend. I want really thinking I would be all that successful. I did it to test out a)if my forge can get to good welding heats b) do I really need a press, how difficult by hand. The canister was 1.25x 5", 1084 powder, 52100 ball bearings. Liquid paper worked great, took me a minute to chisel it off. I took a quick grind on one surface and etched in vinegar to see how the pattern came out




  8. Well jlpservices thank you for kindly reminding me that there is a difference between being patient and being lazy ;)

    I spent 3 hours and got it apart. I had to cut off the thrust washer but it didnt appear to be original anyways. Here are some pics of the threads after a quick clean. I have the parts soaking now. The lead in looks off and by the aligning the rust Mark's on the screw to the screw box you can see how the screw aligns to the dent. Some of the threads at the end of the screw looks a bit gnarly, but to my untrained eye the rest of the threads appear to be in really good condition.





  9. well, winter is coming. I should get this squared away. I was hoping to get it separated , see how the threads look and then give you a call to help with the dent and/or the threads if needed.

  10. Well I have been soaking and tapping for almost 2 months now. I finally got the bolt to turn half a turn. I can easily move it in and our by that much now. The threads are packed with a ton of grime/old grease that is completely solidified  keep spraying and heating or is there another trick to get the crud out? Surprisingly, I actually found the leg bolt. It was screwed next to the wedge for the mount bracket. I installed it where it belongs

  11. Well a friend at work who knew i just started blacksmithing as a hobby asked if I could make a heart with a V in it for his child's upcoming wedding. I told him that I am completely new to this but would give it a try. First thing I learned was that i need a larger scrap pile...only had mild steel rounds that were adequate length. Secondly I need to make a hold down tool . Not the prettiest of things but I got a little more experience using the horn.


  12. No, the other side doesn't have any marks. That is why I am wondering if the screw is bent. If the protrusion is the screw then it appears that the screw is offcenter from the rest of the assembly

    I have it soaking in pb blaster. I ordered some kroil, it will be here mid week. I will continue to torch, tap, resoak and repeat every few days and see what happens.

  13. Well, step 1 is to try to remove the screw. Its soaking now, I can rotate the screw/screw box assembly now between the keyed in sections but the thread still won't break free.  What's the chance that the screw is bent and won't be able to be backed out? Witherspoon the jaws completely closed is there a part of the screw that could bend?

  14. yeah, I was afraid of that and almost didnt buy it. But I figured part of the reason for learning blacksmithing is to mend things.  So if I can save it from going to a trash heap..It is worth it to me.  


    I have not seen the inside of the screwbox, is that entire area below the protrusion hollow? i cant imagine it's threaded that deep. Time to look at some videos/pics. 

    Thank you for the suggestion


  15. Well I just picked up a 6" post vise for $100 dollars. The spring is missing (no big deal in my book), the vise is currently frozen ( dont know the condition of the screw), and there is a dent in the gear box housing.  How concerning is the dent in the housing?





  16. thanks Frosty. I was going from memory but was planning to reread the reference.  


    I just spoke with the gentleman I purchased this from. Looks like he found a 8inch post vise in one of his storage containers. Looks like I may have another score this weekend that he will let go for $100...wifey is gonna get upset

  17. i dont think i need to wire brush. I will research more on the benefits of linseed oil, motor oil, or soot and turpentine.

    Thanks, I could post my ugly things so far... but the hammering technique is getting better. Hopefully beautiful things will come soon and be post worthy.


  18. Well i have been outgrowing my HF ASO and found a M&H on craigs list. I havent weighed it but i would say it is at least 100lbs. No pratchet hole. I paid $200. no matter what it is a step up from what i had. I tested the rebound and appeared to be great from my unexperienced eye. 

    My question is, do i need to do anything to the anvil prior to using it? And will I regret not having a pritchet hole? The numbers on the anvil is 1.1.10

    well, first time posting a pic failed.


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