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  1. I have visited Wayne Coe's Web site's. And found them informing. Nothing bigger than a camp knife and I would think lass than 6 hours a week.
  2. Hi Thomas, I'm just starting my adventure in forging. I will be doing minimal at first but would like it to hold up to forge welding eventually. It's built out of a old 40 lb. Propane tank. 14" interior diameter. Planning on 2" of inslwool to start. Forge will have two Z burners aprox 4-4-1/2 inches apart center to center. I have read the inswool fibers are very bad and I would like to cover with some home made refactory.
  3. Hello, Looking for some advice. Building my first gas forge and have some questions about how to insulate the interior. Here is a list of products I have for the job. Looking for a mix ratio. Or suggestions Inslwool, fire clay, clean silica sand, perlite, alumina calcined, and water glass. I left out the Portland cement because I hear it will break down? Thanks, John
  4. Hello everyone, I'm John and new to this forum. I'm just getting started in forging iron. Looks like a very informative fourm. Im Iooking forward to learning and creating