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  1. I got my hands on something special. Long before I ever had plans to get anything above an ASO. Its 104 pounds and in pretty darn good condition. Boz
  2. Yes I did it wrong. I got 104 when I entered the numbers correctly lol! Thanks Boz
  3. why did I come up with 392 pounds? What did I do wrong?
  4. Hi yall, I've done some forum searching on this and I'm kinda lost on finding the weight. The extra zero is throwing me I guess. Anything you can tell me about this would be helpful. Boz
  5. So after much tweaking, breakdown and rebuilding it's done for now and it runs like a beast! What I did was added a valve as an air gate and adjust the pipe under the coal. I'm working on building a firepot based on Randy McDaniels design. That's gonna be the only change. Thanks for all the help and suggestions! That's what got me to the finish line. Now time for the real work. Boz
  6. I had a thought, just one lol. Replace the pipe with the drilled holes but shorten it. Keep the pit the same and make it a kind of side blow? Any ideas?
  7. Thanks! That's all refractory cement broken up from me breaking it up to get to the clean out. I'd love to see a picture of your forge to give me some reference. I use coal and I've had no problems in the past with other forges. I wanted a bottom blow forge, ive made side blown in the past but this ones giving me troubles! Boz
  8. Hi yall! So I've been away for awhile, I got an infection in my foot, in the bone and got my toes and about an inch more of my foot amputated! It made for a great Christmas. Anyway I am finally back on my foot haha! I went to start up the forge and couldnt get it to light. Too many issues I didnt see or assumed they would work through. Didnt happen! Please see pictures... firebrick house removed and expanded metal opened up. I would appreciate some help as how to fix this and get it to work. I'm willing to make any changes at this point. I'm stuck and I'm not sure where to go from here. Frustrated and fireless! Boz
  9. Yes! I'll take a picture of it tomorrow so ya'll can see how open it is when I open the trap door in the back. You get access to that whole area. Boz
  10. At the end of the pipe the back brick can be removed and there's a door to access the end of the pipe and its topped with a threaded cap. From there I can get on top and underneath the expanded steel and all the way to the 90 degree Elbow to the air supply. Its hilarious what I've been using for air, see picture. I've been using this mini leaf blower for years. It runs like a champ and it's the perfect amount of pressure. If I was using 2 inch pipe I dont think it would be enough. I had it hooked to a dimmer but uve never needed it. Boz Yeah the picture with the expanded steel with the pipe under it is where the air comes out. Boz
  11. Thanks Charles! Let me see if I cant answer all the questions and explain my design... This is a working forge, experimental design. I've done the brake drum, rotor, BOD and old grill with firepot. Expanded metal works for about 3 heats I'm making a firepit using half inch plate. I'm looking for another piece to finish it. I've been a chef for 30 plus years...hmm lemme rephrase that, I've been in the restaurant industry for 30 years a chef for about 20ish. I left it completely to chase my lifelong dream of making historically correct weapons mostly spear and axes. I live on felling axes for 2 logging companies in Seattle and Canada. The top bricks come off and there's access to the expanded metal and to clean out. Also the pipe is removable for a full length pipe if I should ever do a sword for heat treating. Also I have the most important blacksmithing tool... a loving understanding supportive wife!! I hope I got everyone covered. Thanks to everyone for your help and questions! Boz
  12. As far as fuel I did say coal yes? I have access to as much coal as I can carry for a 6 hour truck drive. As far as "use" mostly felling axes and military spec tomahawks. Clinkers? There is an access door in the back where I can remove clinkers with a rake. All the bricks facing the fire are coated with satanite. Thanks for the tips and questions very appreciated!! Boz
  13. Hi ya'll I finally finished my half 55 gallon drum firebrick and refractory cemen coal forge! The pictures show my refractory ingredients the start and the finished forge. I welcome any and all critiques! I know that the first couple heats I'm going to have to do some patch work. Lemme know what ya'll think. Thanks, Boz
  14. Haha too funny! They used to hold weddings over anvils for being prosperity to the couple. Not sure where I heard that. Yeah I may just leave the grain alone and just treat it for a longer life. Thanks for all the input! Boz
  15. Haha very cool! Always love hearing another myth with the story. Thanks! Boz