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  1. Hello All, This is my first post on the site so please bear with me while I work my way through this. I went to a farm auction last weekend to see if i could get my hands on a solid fuel forge. The forge below is what i snagged. This post will be fairly picture heavy so I resized the pictures, but i'm unsure if I got them small enough. 14" firepot, 31.25" across. No identifying features were easily visible. I'm looking for practical advice on how to begin using this forge (really any information possible). I'm not sure what to call the ring that the tuyere would attach to, but i believe it goes with the forge unlike the complex tuyere pictured. Should i use that ring and fabricate a clinker breaker like i believe goes in the indentions in the firepot or should use the sacrificial and very experimental t-type tuyere made of oilfield pipe and broken farm implement disc? Clay or no clay in the firepot?