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  1. That's good to know though I admit I don't know what ash percentage is ideal as I am just getting into blacksmithing, also I noticed the x's on the post. Is there a specific place or method I should post info for someone with greater knowledge than myself to find out more info on the coal available?
  2. Was posting to share a direct from coal mine source that I found. That comes at a good price from the research i have been able to do for other sources. I intend to pick some up once I am out there next and give it a shot. I simply meant that I don't know if the coal is anthracite or bituminous
  3. This is my first post and I just started learning but found a good place to get coal if you don't mind a drive depending where you live. It's in xxxx, colorado. Probably a bit of a drive but their coal is $100 per ton, just call xxxxxxxxxxxx at xxx xxx xxxx. Follow their menu to purchasing and they will direct you to the person to buy through. I'm not sure what kind of coal they have as I haven't managed to pick any up yet. Once I do I will update everyone with more detail.
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