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  1. Thank you Teenylittlemetalguy, I just send an request to join the Alaskans only Facebook group. I am looking forward to attending the meeting, what time would it be held? Thank you again for your help and direction.
  2. Thank you Swedefiddle and for the welcome as well, I am looking forward to meeting members of the community and look forward to hearing from them.
  3. Hello Everyone. I am very pleased I found this site, I live in Anchorage and have been wanting for a long time to get in the craft of black smithing. I want to finally start this instead of putting it off for another year. Is there any classes near Anchorage for beginners, any one doing any training? Other then reading books and watching videos I don't have any hands on experince. I would like to attend the next meeting for the community, not sure when and where that would be. I am interesting in learning skills and have really no idea other then here where to start other then posting this. Thank you for your time.
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