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  1. Noo-b comments here. I work as a home inspector in NC so I get to see a lot of different places. Earlier in October, I looked at a house that was built in the really early 1900's: main house was over 3,800 square feet with no additions - big for the day. Well this house had several outbuildings, one of which was the "work shop". Mostly wood stuff, but in the far corner was very clean four or five inch 40-50+ lb leg vice. I mentioned to the buyer that he could probably get a nice penny for that on ebay if the thing was still there when he closed. He called me the other day almost a month after our inspection and said that he had talked to the seller, who said that he didn't want it and didn't know what it was for. My client said that when he moves in he will give it to me. Oh, yeah; he is also a machinist and fabricator that works for a shop that makes custom "things' from a wide variety of tool steels and other non-ferrous metals like brass and aluminum alloys. He said that he will start collecting random sized cutoffs and give those to me when he gives me the vice. He was also going to ask around the shop if anybody has any copies of machinist handbooks that they would like to get rid of or sell off. Chistmas seems to have come a little early. I am waiting to see if any of this really comes to fruition. carpe malleus:D
  2. All, I spent 9 years in the VA Guard but never went "anywhere". I have a little brother who dropped his employment as an LEO and SWAT team member to become a trainer in BPC, a relatively well known police college in the middle east. He leaves tomorrow for the second half of his 1.5 year contract. We talked a little about what he does, who he works with, and what he has seen. Nobody should have to see, never mind live with the things he has seen and lived with. I know there is a different spot in the forums for this stuff, but please keep him in your prayers. Carpe Malleus, pt
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    speaking of 'carpe', I like Carpe Malleus
  4. Many congratulations. we have given our parents seven grand children with one on the way. Get togethers are usually pretty fun. I'll get the kids praying for you and your daughter-in-law. although I know that "new" mothers can be rather protective. carpe malleus paul
  5. Good Mornin'. I have been looking for people to talk to about blacksmithing, but everybody just says "ooh, you blacksmith? that's cool", but they don't know anything about it. I almost accepted an apprenticeship in spain about twenty years ago, but chickened out. Then about a year ago, I literally stubbed my toe on the toe of a little heavily worn 75-pound anvil. I dug around a little and found a 40+/- pound leg vise that needed a little tlc. I went online and, seeing as how I don't have a real space to make a "smithy", decided to start small and not too expensive. I built a couple of "bean-can" forges using a plumbers propane torch for heat. I have not been able to get it up to welding heat, but I can reach orange-yellow. I have been practicing making hooks, sconces, candle holders. I even made a little humming-bird nosing into a flower. Basically, anything that can be heated in a chamber 4 inches in diameter and 10 inches deep. Someday I will make a real charcoal forge and try to heat up some bigger metal.
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