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  1. coming from someone who works in a small part of the garage, that looks beautifully enviable.
  2. Playing around one evening, practicing punching, drifting and whatnot. Steel is mild, the drift used was a slightly sanded (taking the sharp edges off) 3.5 inch concrete cut nail, handle is a shard from a broken axe handle. I even wedged the handle into the head
  3. Frosty, mixing eating tool tookas wipe with the "taste" at the end was just a bit poor in taste
  4. hey, lil brother. have you fired things up yet?


  5. Thanks Thomas, I just sent Tod Amon a question to that effect. we shall see. When we do get the thing built, I will be sure and post pictures. paul
  6. Thanks Thomas and Frosty. I will put that info to the designers. This forge is a demo forge being built at the local state fair grounds, and I don't want it to be screwed up from the beginning. paul
  7. Good Morning. I have looked for this particular question but couldn't find an answer. I am a worker bee part of a group that is in the process of outfitting a "demo" forge. The plan is to have two side-draft forges back to back. the table will be something akin to 4' by 8', with the chimneys in the center. My suggestion was to run two separate flues up through the roof, in a single chimney enclosure (for curb appeal and all that). The option that is currently the plan is to have both flues connect to shared/common flue. I really don't like the idea of combining the flues - drafting issues, back-drafting, CO, and all that. My problem is that I am a worker. educated maybe, but without credentials. I have already sent a message to the head blacksmith at the JCC folk school, but am impatient (mostly due to time constraints). Can anybody supply sound reasoning or documentation for the need for separate flues, or am I making a mountain out of a mole hill? thanks, Paul
  8. Yes, the stand will go. I am working on a rivet-forge styled coal forge, and will integrate the blower into the design. nothing fancy, just more portable and large base-d. I am thrilled. this was another thing I have been looking for, with a little more hunger, since I went to JC Campbell a few years ago.
  9. Pault17

    New to me Vise

    Definitely robutsus, Thomas. The bottom of the post is 1.125 inches. I have "before" pictures, but they just show an eighth plus inch of grime on every surface, and thoroughly clogging the pivot.
  10. I have been looking for a hand-cranked blower pretty much since I started smithing. I finally picked one up. Champion 400 with no visibly obvious problems. I found it through a contact in the local state ABANA chapter. The gentleman I got it from said it was his dads (fulltime use as a blacksmith), and that he has been storing it for 30 years. He suggested that I dismantle, clean and relube/assemble. I paid $45. I'm happy here too. ( I also picked up a 5.5 inch post vise with all parts and only a little wear on the screw)
  11. Pault17

    New to me Vise

    for years I have been looking for a second vise. I managed to score this one. I took the whole thing apart and wire-brushed every piece. All pieces are there. There is some wear on the center portion of the screw. I paid $90, or about a dollar a pound. The jaws are 5 1/2 inches. I'm happy
  12. I like the vise, and the little yellow tubular thing in the background of the 2nd and 3rd pictures. looks like fun there too. neat on the twisting jaw. I have never seen one like it before.
  13. I do the half on/half of method, then spread out the leaf blade
  14. and another rock for the hammer, ground to a smooth fuller on the sidewalk
  15. i am not a tapper. i tend to think my swings through while hammering, turning on the upswing and all. I haven't learned the habit of tapping, but who knows. I have seen other smiths that almost make a production of tapping, to the point of tapping instead of hitting (hit, hit, tap, hit hit, tap...). funny to watch someone tire themselves out needlessly. I have asked them, offline, why they do it, and the answer is usually "because that's what blacksmiths do". funny But then again, I have watched people like peter ross making stuff and he taps sometimes and not others. depends on the work.
  16. Wow, that's a load. I just got a portaband for Christmas and cut one out of 5/8. took a while. look for donations or do what biggundoctor mentioned and look for a cut shop. you may want to consider cutting more for gifts/demos later on while you are at it. good luck and enjoy
  17. This one meets Meriam Webster's definition of "a heavy, usually steel-faced, iron block on which metal is shaped...". I call it frankenvil. it's an 80 lb block of D2 with a round bar bolted on one end and a piece of RR track plate on the other (heel and hardy holes). The block is 9x9x5, and it through-hardened and heat treated to an RC 62, per the machinist that gave it to me. it's mine because of his generosity, and the fact that the two large holes for the gears were out of alignment just a touch.
  18. Brad, glad to see you still popping around here. looks like another nice anvil for ya. pm'd you too
  19. I know this is an old, dead thread, but I was looking for some info on shuckers and saw that others had posted after my "demo". Anthony, many thanks to your information. I could have used it at the fair this year (yeah, I still knock out a few for show-n-tell. your story about the two bigs beatin up the skinny, is good for a nice chuckle. thanks again
  20. john and Daniel, are you both going to make it to the November meeting? I would love to meet other IFIers.
  21. I'm lucky enough to live close to Peter. our state abana chapter is having our second 4th quarter meeting at his place this year. it's always amazing to watch him work
  22. That is an interesting twist on things. nice! a drip tray of some kind would be nice, but the design is cool. you could take that idea and literally twist the two sides concentrically... or not. maybe braid them with a third piece that is tenoned into a drip pan that the two holder ends penetrate to hold the candle above the pan... "light bulb" (as said by Gru in despicable me)
  23. nice idea... and all this time I was just using them to forge out mini swords for the little people that constantly ask if I can make a sword.
  24. if I were to do one of those (which yours came out very nicely, by the way), I would have made it then traced. you are a much better draftsman (seconded)
  25. terrible! you'll have to send it here for the junk pile and work on another one :D I do love the knapped look. thanks for showing
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