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  1. I have a bunch of oil based clay from when I was in art school, too. I'll need to get one or two tools, but I'm pretty sure I have enough. Thanks, everyone. This has been super helpful.
  2. That's a good idea, I have a dremel I can make the pieces and see how it works. Thank you!
  3. No, the fingers would rest between the ears on the top of its head, maybe around them. I wasn't planning on making the points as sharp as they look in the sketch. I was going to round them off a bit, because I was worried about that problem with the fangs as well. I realize that there isn't much space for grip. I'm 5'6" with small hands, so even something the size of a baseball would be too big.
  4. Yes, that is my name. You're the first person to know the reference off hand. I've had to explain it to countless people. Whether you approve of my name or not, it makes me happy that you know it, so thank you. You genuinely made my day. The reason I didn't include a sketch is because my tablet's camera doesn't work, and that's all I have. My computer was stolen a while ago and my tablet doesn't hook up to my printer (doubles as a scanner and fax). It's quite convenient. Anyways, I saw this yesterday, and borrowed my sister's phone for a picture and sent them to myself to show you, if that helps. The lined paper has all of the measurements. I didn't add an overall height to it. I was thinking 38" for the wood of the cane and 42" overall.
  5. Hey all, my name is Azrael, AZ for short. I was told about this site a few years back from a smith at a Ren Faire in New Mexico. The guy was from Legacy Forge in Alvarado, Tx. Moved soon after, just found his card and decided to join. I've tried doing some research on my own, but it's been difficult without knowing what even to research. Basically a know-nothing. Anyways, I have a design I sketched out and I have no idea what kind of metal I should use for it. My major concerns are durability and weight. It's going to be a 3" flip top custom cane head. I wanted put a custom zippo in it, so I'm worried about the metal burning over time. I don't know what type of metal, (was thinking pewter) will make it too heavy to be practical. Any vets who can help me with answers and maybe help to make this since I have no materials or tools to do so on my own. .....I live in an apartment in the heart of Scottsdale Arizona.