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  1. Placed 0.8mm tips in both burners. Now the one at the rear is struggling to keep lit. Would this be pressure too high? Or Not high ebough? Thanks
  2. Adjusted both.. The one furthest away has a 1.0 mm Tip and the one closest has 0.8 mm Tip. It may be i order some from either Gameco or look at the Amal ones. Or hook up some blower for some forced air. Open to ideas Simon
  3. If i move the Cap to the top of the T and hve the tip in the T, i guess this would help the situation? Easy enough to cut out and weld up.
  4. Hi Frosty Nipple is 3/4 6 " long. The T is 1" x 1" x 3/4. I have a 0.8 mm (0.315 Inch) Tip. This is screwed into a 1/4 inch cap so does portrude into the top of the T a little. Thanks again
  5. Hi Frosty. So keep the legnth at 6" and change the tips to smaller and even shorten to allow more air flow? Re piping with Copper is an option too, what size copper pipe is best? I am not running the forge until it is set up correctly, i still have a coal forge to keep on working with. Thanks for the help.
  6. Thanks for the comments. The Main body of the forge has refractory which is castable refractory which i purchased from a company that supply this material to forging shops and Kiln makers. The Burners do need a re design as you have all said there is no control. The Propane tank has a Regulator that is adjustable, the TWIDDLEY-DEE Ball valves are there as an extra measure to shut the gas off. The base of the burners has a machined flare from 60mm solid EN26 grade steel with a 12 degree taper as Frosty's notes in his burner design. There are many different Burner designs on here and
  7. Hi Guys Finally got around to finishing up my new gas forge. More of a Blue flame coming from the mouth of the forge. Does this look right??
  8. Hi Guys Thanks for the response. Frosty what do you recommend as flares? I can shorten the tubes and also shorten the tips to make a little better. I have run this up to temperature last weekend and the dragons breath was still as it shows in the video. Where my tubes go through the forge when i turn up the pressure for the gas i am also getting some flames returning back up beside the burner tubes. Is this normal? If not what's the best solution to correct it? Thanks again
  9. IMG_0367.MOVHi all new to Blacksmithing and i have built a gas forge. The dragons breath what colour is it supposed to be? and how far out should it come from the mouth of the forge. My Burners are 3/4 Pipe 8" long with a bell flare 1 1/4 x 3/4, T 3/4 x 1" and using 1/4" nipples with 0.8mm Tip (0.031") i also have some 1.0 mm Tips (0.039") Does the flame look ok. I have also attached a video with it running in the forge. The forge is built from a Propane tank with 2" refractory wool and in the bottom Refractory cement to 1600 degrees Celsius. I also rigidized the wool prior t
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