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  1. Good to have several ways of trying to raise an impression and get more information from faded stampings thank you
  2. Thank you i have read lots of the post on this site over the past year or so and have found it very useful, I've updated my location now and read the tips. Did a pencil rubbing today and unfortunately only the same detail came out, same results with a higher power lightsource from multiple angles as well so think there is no more to be seen than what I've got.
  3. Thank you, hopefully while cleaning it up i can get some more detail on it and be able to research it's history. Then try and get it on a scale as all i can say at the moment is it must be close to 100kg
  4. I tried the light from many angles and this was the best i could get, haven't tried a pencil rubbing or powder yet but will do tomorrow. Thank you for the tip. As far as i can tell it hasn't been ground at all, i gave it a quick run over with a wire wheel on the face and horn only a brush on the side. I'll go over the whole anvil with the wheel as soon as i can and might be able to get more details out of it. It rings nicely all over not too long and not dull but a nice pitch, seems to have a good amount of bounce all over too. Any ideas of material? I assume forged steel as it doesn't have raised cast markings and seems pretty hard all over
  5. Hi my wife bought me this for christmas and i collected it a couple of days ago, while cleaning it i found some makers markings but cannot decipher enough to find out who made it. It is very heavy but doesn't seem to have a weight stamp. From what i can see it has an anchor logo then below is * (possible Y) ARD (L/E) (L/E) * & CO below that i think is either YARD or just the same stamp as top line but slightly accross as i can see & CO again but offset to the right B E S T WARRENTE ** possibly warrented or warranteer? Nothing on this line that i can see but i guess it should say something due to spacing E R - i guess this is what it looks like and is for the queen so post 1950s It has a square hole in the base and through the waist. Any help in identifying this would be greatly appreciated thank you
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