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  1. Thanks for the replies. I’ll post a picture soon.
  2. Would tap water with baking soda work as a neutralizing agent?
  3. I have a piece of wrought iron that I’ve finally found a project worthy of. I want to etch the wrought to show off the grain. Any experience with etching wrought?
  4. I just purchased the same blower. Were you able to find any info?
  5. The anvil is steel faced with a wrought body, a Hay-Budden.
  6. Hello all, The attached pictures show a chip in the corner of my hardy hole. I’m wondering if the sharp corner on the chip is something to be worried about?
  7. Mtbarn

    Museum I.D. question

    I made some similar tongs for holding flat stock. They work well if the stock needs to be turned on end and not just worked flat. I have seen YouTube videos describing them as blade tongs.
  8. Thank you again everyone for the feedback. I’ll post some pictures if/when I build a charcoal retort.
  9. As a follow up to my original question, when do I size my charcoal? Should I break up larger pieces after they’ve been pyrolized or should I cut them to size beforehand?
  10. Thanks everyone for taking the time to respond and for all the good information!
  11. I have access to dimension lumber scraps through work. Does anyone have experience with charcoal made from softwoods?
  12. I picked up this anvil the other day and I’m looking for help with identification. It is a cast iron body with a steel face plate. I think it’s a Vulcan but I’m not sure. The only markings I can find are those pictured on the bottom of the anvil. The PO thought it was #70 but it feels heavier than that. Any info would be much appreciated.
  13. Fatfudd, thanks for the info. I took a wire brush to the front foot and sure enough, numbers! Looks like 18152 or could be 13152. I suppose it could be some other numbers. The only real clear numbers are the 5 and the 2.
  14. Frosty, The rebound is good, nearly back up to the starting point. She’s loud too. I’ve been using it for a couple years now. Took some classes locally and have been forging 3 or 4 days a week. Not ready to quit my day job...yet. The smithing bug bit me hard. Included this time are pictures with the dimensions visible. I’m done hauling it around. Too hard on my back and tailgate. As for other tools; a small, beat up anvil, a big vise and assorted chisels, punches and a few hammers.
  15. I’m looking for information about my anvil; manufacturer, age, that sort of thing. I inherited it from my grandpa and never got around to asking him what he knew about it. The only stamped marks I can find are the two 2s under the horn. I would guess it weighs in the 300lb range. Thanks for taking the time to read my post. Matt