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  1. I have searched through pottery suppliers but unfortunately the closest of anything I can find is roughly 3 hours away. I’ll just break down and order some through that site. For this I was just wanting to experiment and see how it turns out if it makes descent refractory.
  2. Oh no absolutely not, I apologize I worded that wrong. I just meant from researching the products and a few test runs they “seem” very durable and insulating. I’m very very new to this. I also have very limited resources in this area. The only other product I can possibly get is clay. I’m just looking for any and all helpful knowledge or recipes anyone has.
  3. Hello, i wanna start by saying I’m brand new to this site so sorry if this is in the wrong forum. I’m just looking for some general information. I have a propane and fire brick forge currently but a few of my bricks have cracked and crumbled. I live in SW Florida and it’s literally impossible to find fire brick. I’ve searched high and low and nothing. I’ve decided to cast my own. The best recipe I can find is consisting of Portland cement I/II, hydrated lime, crushed silica and perlite. Im just wondering if anyone has tried the recipe and if so any tips on it. Thank you!
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