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  1. It was good meeting with you and everyone else at the event Wayne. I'm looking forward to the next one.
  2. Any info on the event would be great as I still don't see anything on the calendar for February and would like to attend.
  3. I ended up paying asking price for the smaller of the Swedish anvils and he gave me the amarican one for free. What to do? Oversized paperweight or try to repair it. I'd hate to see it sit.
  4. I'm stuck. I can't decide which one to build. Been weighing the pros and cons and it seems like it really comes down to operating cost and from what I've gathered a coal forge is a lot less expensive to run. Am I missing something? Why are so many people running propane forges?
  5. Great. I looked at the event page on AACB but couldn't find it. I'm assuming it's a local meet? Have a link?
  6. We'll have to meet up sometime WranglerSS
  7. I have been reading a ton on forge building and this is by far the best explanation / design / how to I have came across. Please make this a sticky. Maybe it will save some people some time. Wish I found it sooner. Thanks Frosty! Frosty wrote this on another thread, "Sodium silicate is a popular internet expert material and it WILL stick stuff together but it melts at a lower temperature than a decent forge's every day operating temperature. Using sodium silicate as the binder means using a 2,000 f. material to build a 2,600 f. piece of equipment. Colloidal silica ri
  8. I'm new to the craft, hope to learn a lot. Maybe I can meet with some people from georgia
  9. Lots to consider. I'd hate to pass on the amrican one but for the price and time... Definitely going to get one of the Swedish ones if he's negotiable on the price. He promised a friend one of them so can't get both, not that I need 2 anyway, just don't want to see them sit unused. They are tools after all. And then there's this $45. Even I know what this is lol
  10. Thanks for the reply JHCC. I did read that thread, Very helpful. I am confident in my welding, I have been in the fabrication industry for most of my life and understand the heating process. I just don't know if it's worth the time and effort on these particular ones. (I know very little about anvils) Just so the info is out there I plan on using one ever day so I will need it to stand up to a good beating. I'm in Georgia btw. Profile updated. Thanks again.
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