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  1. IDK for sure how many strokes per minute this one is running, failed to measure that. I do have a couple of videos on my phone, but no good pics yet, and no videos of it running right. This one's chain driven. I'm not sure if it was an aftermarket modification or what, but it works pretty good.
  2. Wire wheeled the paint off the motor plate and was able to read the wiring diagram. My diagnosis was correct. It's amazing how well a motor works if you wire it correctly So now the saw runs pretty well. I have some 1.4" solid round 1045 that I was doing test cuts on. Made a disk .13" thick that was only off by .003 on thickness, and that was with the used blade it came with.
  3. I'm with Thomas. Cracking comes either from wood that isn't properly dried, or from mechanical fasteners that are force fit. Old Christmas trees are going to give you other problems... that sap will fight your ability to put on a clean finish. Profiling "skills" come with two things... practice, and drawing. Doodle/sketch handles ALOT and your ability to see and make shapes that you like will improve. Then it just becomes a matter of executing the drawing shape onto the knife.
  4. Think I diagnosed it, haven't fixed it yet. Motor is a 3/4 hp single phase capable of 110 or 220. Previous owner had it on 220 then re-wired it incorrectly for 110. Seems to be running on less than full power. Of course the wiring diagram is covered in paint, but the wires are at least labeled. Haven't dived back in to figure out how to wire it right yet.
  5. Interesting idea, definitely worth checking. If there were wear inside the notch of the cam/eccentric, it would do that.
  6. So I purchased an old Armstrong #2 power hacksaw yesterday off of FB marketplace. I downloaded the manual, and tonight loosened everything up and oiled it well. Motor runs and the the machine wants to work, but it's hanging up at the beginning of the draw stroke. Any ideas on where to start tinkering with it?
  7. And after a little bit of Jim Cooper's wizardry...
  8. Buzz is correct. For one, if that's a "15 inch" tire, that refers to the rim only. Actual diameter is probably 22-24. Formula is.... BPM= (motor RPM)/(tire diameter/drive wheel diameter)
  9. Finished out my 666th knife over the weekend. It's also the first one I've done out of canister Damascus. The blade and fittings are from the same billet, a "trashcan" billet of ends and pieces canister welded with 1095 powder. It's also my first time to try a subhilt. Handle is gidgee. Took some still pics last night.
  10. Mine's just a pile of parts at this point I've got anvil, tup, wheel, hub so far, plus Clay's plans. I'm actively studying linkages and guide arrangements, as I intend to deviate from the plans a bit to accommodate the parts I'm starting with.
  11. Lol, I hope I get a whoomp and not a TBI on this project. So far I've got plenty of anvil material, a 30" circle of 1.75 plate at 350 lbs for a base, and I've purchased a tire and hub assembly. Have to keep selling knives before I can whoomp.
  12. Nice work so far. I'm in the early stages of a DIY tire build also. I like your linkage arrangement.
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