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  1. No idea whether or not this is the proper place to put this but I was wanting an more in depth explanation as to whether or not the transition between the edge bevel and the secondary bevel will effect a blades cutting ability. I'm not talking about a ridiculous 20° edge and a 40° secondary. I'm talking about a much closer transition but one that's not quite as smooth as it could be. I suppose the better phrasing would be "is it possible for the secondary bevel to create drag or hinder the cut in any way"
  2. I've always just kind of had a tarp and two by six on the ground for cutting my charcoal. I set the 2x6 on its side and cut the charcoal over the edge of it. It's not the most convenient or effective but it worked. Now I know I can just make or use a table and bucket but I wanna know what you guys do for reference. Thanks