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    I want to make my own hunting knife.
  1. Great advice. I picked up some RR spikes I will play round with those first. Can't wait to started.
  2. Since I posted this I found a Gas supply store with an knowledgeable old timer who was interested and willing to help. They have my burner with the regulator at there shop and will hook up appropriate hose and test everything for me. Forgot to check what size motor I got but it was a bigger one from my choices. thanks for the tips will check out Wayne's plans
  3. Ok I'm starting a new hobby hope to make a few hunting style knives myself. I'm hoping to keep the cost down at this point so salvaging and reusing parts as much as possible. I been collecting parts I believe are necessary. So far I have, 1. Big old anvil and assorted mini sledge hammers. 2. Used freon gas tank. Planning on fabbing a propane forge. Pretty much getting ideas off you tube. (Is it to thin?) 3. Motor for belt sander (need to know best way to make this. What size belt? How do I make the pulleys? Pulley tensioner?) 4. Black pipe and assortment for burner. 5. Working on making 2 burners as of today. See what works best. 1st. will be a high pressure line to a benzo nozzle, using tank 20lb. pressure. 2nd style is regulator with gauge to fabbed up nozzle using assortment of 1" and 3/4" pipes with reducers and nipples, stoppers etc. Guess I just looking for tips and ideas of how to get my shop together. What's am I missing? What mistakes can you guys and girls help me avoid as a complete novice. I will check this any post for questions I can answer to help you help me. Any info is much appreciated and look forward to learning more about this timeless skill. Happy