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  1. Knife attempt number 6!

    Definitely having a blast! Though the weather hasn't been kind and has kept me from getting as much forge time in as I would like. I continue to try to take local classes whenever I get the chance, and am pursuing more blacksmithing classes on top of it to work on those skills. Also went back to college for Welding, Machining, and Metalsmithing/jewelry courses, hoping those skills I will be able to transfer over to my bladesmithing! Also, while I don't know if I will be able to get to it this year, I want to try to get to the ABS bladesmithing and handle/guard classes. Till then though, I'll just continue to practice, and share my updates with everyone here! It now resides in my Mother-in-law's kitchen. She was in need of a sharp kitchen knife, and after I sent her a video of that knife slicing cleanly through some chicken, she asked for it! So, one less random sharp object in the house...just means I gotta make another one for myself! haha
  2. Knife attempt number 6!

    @will, thats the top of my phone case, I would be too scared to post something with a major flaw like a crack if it was that large haha. I just got a belt sander for christmas, so was trying that for the ricasso and plunge....gonna take some getting used to I think. Definitely plan to practice a lot more on those!
  3. Knife attempt number 6!

    Slowed down a bit over the holiday timeframe, finally getting some time to share with ya'll my continued journey towards being a bladesmith! Behold knife attempt number 6! Blade is 1084, handle material is inlace acrylester. Used my belt sander up to 1000, then took it by hand up to 2500. Pins are brass. *Note: Still working on the other one....going to try to get better bevels into it.
  4. Another Texas Heritage Bowie

    Gorgeous Knife! I am extremely envious of your skill good sir.
  5. I present to you....knife number 5!!!

    Thanks, I'll go get the gauntlet of grits from 60/80 up, and try to see what I can make happen!
  6. I present to you....knife number 5!!!

    If it's in one of the archived-esq ones I haven't gotten to reading through those yet, I'll try to poke around and see if I can dig them up
  7. I present to you....knife number 5!!!

    ^When doing it by hand, does the blade get clean and polished with each grit of paper as you go up? and is it better to sand wet or dry? A lot of these I've just been going through trial and error with. I have 220-2500 I can use to hand sand, but not sure what it should look like at each stage before moving up in grit.
  8. I present to you....knife number 5!!!

    Frosty, not going to lie, of all the types of advice/comments I was expecting on this post, I must say, photography advice was not one of them haha. That being said, I shall take your advice and put it to good use, I suppose just taking single snaps with my phone to post really don't provide the best images to allow people to best observe and critique my work haha....maybe I'll break out the wife's her a Cannon EOS 60D a couple years back that needs some dusting off hahaha.
  9. I present to you....knife number 5!!!

    Hey all, forgive the many posts of knives of subpar quality, but with each post, following the comments I get here, I feel I am better able to grow in my quest to become an at least decent bladesmith lol. That being said, without further a do, I present to you knife number 5 (gonna give it to my dad for christmas) Blade is 1080 steel, guard and pins are brass, and I uses buffalo horn for the scales. As always, criticism and comments welcome and appreciated!!
  10. Here we go, knives 3 and 4!!!!

    Adding to the list of things to get! Thanks!!!
  11. Here we go, knives 3 and 4!!!!

    Roger that, I"ll grab some of those and see how it goes, learning a lot of this on the fly as I go, which is why I'm asking all the far all I've really used a file for was to check hardness, and to attempt to file out a hidden tang, and to clean up some pin holes before I got my drill press set up (used a hand drill, broke some bits, and just filed the rest of the hole so the pin would fit lol)
  12. Here we go, knives 3 and 4!!!!

    Define "good" files, I'm having a real hard time judging what makes a good file, and what types are good (full/half, bastard, etc) it possible to start the plunge lines by offsetting the blade with the anvil on both sides?? Will do! Didn't get much free time yesterday, but the next two nights I plan on spending looking deeply into everything ya'll have told me to, so that when I get to the forge this weekend I can try to apply these new techniques. (I currently have a blade that I've already hardened that one will not have these new techniques applied to it )
  13. Here we go, knives 3 and 4!!!!

    Will, I will definitely try to work on those.... going to need to watch some more videos and do some reading I think to figure those out, the few classes I've taken were a level 1 and 2 blacksmithing course, and a 3 hour long railroad spike knife course....which didn't cover too much in the finer aspects of knife making (I am taking a 3 day tactical knife course towards the end of December, which may help me as well!). So most of this has just been banging on hot metal with a shape in mind, and trying my best to get there! While I have your attention, curious with regards to the point of the blade, I've had some issue when I'm drawing out the point from the stock that it likes to try to fold in or one end tips over the other, leaving a slight crease that I have to work to get rid of... wasn't as bad for the fourth knife (the longer of the two), but had an issue especially with the third, which required some love from the angle grinder to fix. Is that likely a problem from drawing it out unevenly, or is there a trick I am missing? (I've seen some people just cut the tip profile out of the stock...but that would feel like cheating to me haha).
  14. Here we go, knives 3 and 4!!!!

    I can definitely see it, but I think it might be exaggerate by lighting and the angle. When I close my hand around loosely I dont feel the edges, but if I grip tighter i can feel them a little, i think the edges fit mainly where my knuckles are. I definitely want to work on making smother rounder handles though, before I move to more complex handle designs with grooves for fingers etc
  15. Here we go, knives 3 and 4!!!!

    Alright, so I am sure quite a few of those who check this out will have seen my first two knife attempts. Well, I tried to take in all the advice I could, and as a result, without further ado (is that the right word for the saying?), I present to you all, for critiquing and criticisms, my third and fourth knife attempts. Beforw the pictures....blades are 1084 steel, smaller handle is rose wood, larger handle is pearl inlace acrylester. Heat treat all went well (though on the quench on the larger one I developed a slight bend, so I heated it back up, fixed the bend, real quick, and it was good to go)