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  1. Nope, though that sounds like a great idea! The guy I was taking lessons from mentioned I could take it to a jewlry shop and try to get it gold/silver plated, and then blue it as well, to give it a three layer effect
  2. Thanks tkunkel. And Thomas, only did 3 etches into it, just enough for the texture that it catches your fingernails as you slide across it, but it's still really nice and smooth. It is currently sitting with my car keys now, until I can get around to making a chain to wear it from....but, I really dislike forming jump rings, so that might be a little while away. I really was more curious how it would turn out, as last month we made a 30 inch bar of Damascus, but I haven't been able to get to the shop to forge it. So, on Saturday, after my lesson covering a bladesmithing tips, techniques, etc, I pulled out the bar, and worked on one of the ends, that I already knew I wasn't going to incorporate into a knife. Hammered it out pretty randomly with a rounding hammer, to mix the pattern up a bit more, did a hot cut, and then took the disc of material I had made to the belt grinder for some quality hogging haha. Probably a bit more explanation than needed...but I was excited to be playing with it this weekend....Life's been waaayyyy too busy for me lately :(
  3. Not sure if this is the right place to share this, but here goes... Used some of the excess from my damascus billet to make this little damascus hammer pendant 120 layer random pattern 1095 and 15N20 Flattened the metal out with a rounding hammer, then used a belt grinder to create the little hammer. Sanded to 400 grit, then did a few cycles in ferric chloride/distilled water. Final cut added hydrogen peroxide into the acid. All of this was done at the shop of the Master Bladesmith i am training under VID_207690720_135150_454.mp4
  4. Bwahaha, I'm sure my time in Afghanistan has already exposed me to my fair share of unhealthy cancer causing fun, I'll make due note to not intentionally ever work with anything in the metalworking field that can harm me. My jewelry class, and now the welding courses I've been taking, are helping me, as well as all of you on here!
  5. "Just sort of potentially lethal" Lol is that all? yeah, I'm just going to stick with the basic nonferrous metals that I've learned on now, and be really careful about getting caught up in anything that might make my health go south haha. I started this bladesmithing thing a little later than I would preferred anyways, don't need health problems slowing me down!
  6. Thanks for the heads up! Wouldn't want to make anything poisonous to the wearer haha
  7. That was definitely nice of him to do! I don't know why, but I've felt the breed of individuals who chase after and show an interest in these older arts/crafts, have a level of appreciation/respect I suppose, than most individuals do these days. I haven't met anyone in the metalworking world yet, that has left a bad taste in my mouth
  8. ^Buying old silver coins from pawn shops seems like a great idea! I know my jewelry teacher mentioned she would go to yard sales/pawn shops and look for old pieces to either melt for metal, or harvest good stones from etc. My blacksmith instructor also mentioned finding scrap sheet metal for copper working etc could be a potential cheaper way than buying pristine sheet metal from jewelry supply shops. I'm all for anyone's old handy ways of tracking down materials at a cheaper cost!
  9. Thanks for the advice! I'm sticking to mostly copper right now anyways for nonferrous, in order to keep my production costs down. Don't want to ruin the pricy metals due to inexperience (already accidently melted some silver bezel wire.... oops). Mind you, while I have really enjoyed the jewelry aspect here (and will likely continue it), the main purpose I have for learning all of these tricks is to enable me to transfer the skills over for some finish work on future blades, really enhance the guard/hilt, etc
  10. I was thinking of trying some simple copper/brass mokume gane to get the process down. Will keep those others in mind for when I feel my skills are ready haha, still learning a lot, taking it slow
  11. which metals are you referring to? I staysway from zinc lol, and the only thing Ive used Aluminum for was a piece I was riveting lol
  12. Ive actually been trying that in my jewelry class!
  13. I purposely was adding the color after I had finished with. I forged them, quenched em, then cleaned them up a bit. After that, I reintroduced the head of the spike to the heat, to playwith letting the colors creep on it (something I would never do to a high carbon blade, would ruin my heat treat)
  14. Was able to get out to the forge for a few hours this weekend. Hadn't been out in a while, so decided to mess around with some RR Spike knives to get the rhythm back and just work on some rough shaping etc. Below is the result!
  15. Definitely having a blast! Though the weather hasn't been kind and has kept me from getting as much forge time in as I would like. I continue to try to take local classes whenever I get the chance, and am pursuing more blacksmithing classes on top of it to work on those skills. Also went back to college for Welding, Machining, and Metalsmithing/jewelry courses, hoping those skills I will be able to transfer over to my bladesmithing! Also, while I don't know if I will be able to get to it this year, I want to try to get to the ABS bladesmithing and handle/guard classes. Till then though, I'll just continue to practice, and share my updates with everyone here! It now resides in my Mother-in-law's kitchen. She was in need of a sharp kitchen knife, and after I sent her a video of that knife slicing cleanly through some chicken, she asked for it! So, one less random sharp object in the house...just means I gotta make another one for myself! haha
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