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  1. We generally use bowstaffs, sometimes swords, occasionally a mace. We try to avoid lethal weapons but they still hurt like xxxx so I'm looking into making armor for us. Hence why I'm here. And no the swords aren't sharp
  2. Since ti isn't a good option what shalst i use instead that can be made black
  3. I'm working on the design for some light weight high mobility plate armor and need a light metal that is still quite sturdy? Being that I am new smithing I need some help on choosing my materials. It's not necessary to stop bullets, my life isn't that messed up, but it would be nice if it could stop most melee attacks without bending or breaking
  4. Im rather new to Titanium work but I wish to create a black Titanium sword. Now mind you it is mostly for aesthetic reasons but I still want it to be functional. What I ask of you, is this feasible and how I might go about it?
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