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  1. I'm looking to make a pine resin based pitch, similar to the first listed here. I'm having a difficult time sourcing brick dust, and was wondering if there's some intrinsic property to it that makes it a necessity for the pitch, or if I could substitute some other fines, like fly ash or diatomaceous earth.
  2. Yeah, flattening both ends, overlapping them, punching, then riveting with a wedge, flattened and cut from the same wire stock used for the rings. I don't have a proper macro lens for adequate detail. Any place I could buy such pliers, or at least detailed specs, so they could be fabricated? I guess you'd have something like the jaws functioning as a top and bottom swage to get consistent results on the flattened ends, maybe a protrusion that does the punching, all in one go, then a second set where you'd have mirrored concave bits to compress and dome the rivets? I'll have to
  3. So, I've been tinkering with riveted mail off and on a while now. Through trial and error I've got somewhat of a system down. I fabricated a jig for coiling 14 gauge mild steel wire, then I use shears to cut the coils into 1/4" inner-diameter rings. I flatten the ends of the rings a bit, anneal them, punch the hole, then pein the rivet into place. Aside from a good press to punch out solid rings, so I'd only have to rivet the central link, I'm wondering what specialized tools I could be using to make the process more efficient and consistent. Really, I'm not even sure if the shape of my punch
  4. Yeah, I figured you'd have some loss nearer the heart, but wasn't sure of the extent. I'd like it to last a couple of generations, at least. 35+ years isn't bad though, I suppose, if you factor continual usage. Yeah, moisture would be my primary concern. In my locale, it's not unusual to have 90% humidity or higher at least half of the year. After a little more thought, a coat of waterglass or porcelain would likely bond with clinkers and get chipped during their removal. Guess I'll not worry about it then. Thanks.
  5. I just acquired a new cast iron firepot, and I'm wondering what, if anything, I should do to it before its first use to maximize its lifespan. It's my understanding that a lining of fireclay is not needed for heavy cast, and can actually induce corrosion by trapping moisture. I'm wondering if anyone has tried coating one in waterglass or porcelain glaze? If nothing else, I may season it in the oven with some flaxseed oil, like you would cast iron cookware. Thoughts or suggestions?
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