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  1. I’d like to order 5lbs of plisitx 94044 shipped to and also ceramic rigidizer . Any body have tips on using sodium Silicate to hold ceramic insulation to walls of forge and would I be if it from welding some things for it to physically be held to wall as well ?
  2. Yeah I use nasty cast rod made by Vulcan as a buttering later then 7018 and pre heat entire area to around 700 degrees because I find it helps burn up some impurities that has soaked in ( I’ve had oil like stuff a few times come ozzing out )and use temp sticks to verify . I always cleans the heck out of the area and and like ya said short welds with a needle scalper to fallow and don’t let the cast iron drop below 500 then when done depending on size I either put it in a large tub of carbon pellets I get from filters I use in my shop ( I get them for free from weeds growers and then hook up to a squirrel cage and they control odor and dust ) and if the item Is to large I wrap with a couple welding blankets then moving blankets and Nd I just don’t like the way brazing looks and silver braze is not friendly with large gaps
  3. Another scrap yard find - pays to make friends with workers . They set stuff aside for me - i belive it’s been retrofitted - Handle doesn’t look stock many advice would be helpful . I’m not worried about welding rhe old cast iron I’ve welded allot of nasty old cast iron and havnt had any cracked welded or purosity or failed welds yet . i just don’t know what to do as far as making it function besides need a leather belt to drive the blower
  4. Yeah the days of Companies standing behind their warrantees and not trying to void it or make you jump through hoops to register it are long gone
  5. Lowes has craftsman now but that brand warranty is a joke . You have to register all tools bought online so any old craftsman you have pretty much has no warranty as well as their on line registration randomly will delete account . I Once tried to order a replacement part for a Sears air compressor that was a year ago after a month and a half of them giving me the go around I told him I was gonna call my credit card company and reported as fraud and they finally refunded me I’m still getting emails saying my order is back ordered
  6. Ya I wish I knew who made it so I could call the customer service up and see if ifs to late to register the warranty
  7. I understand what ya mean . I have repaired the edges that weren’t rounded so much as chunkes missing but was very worried about effecting the rebound pushing a heat zone or building up any heat over 420 degrees . Now I don’t ever plan to sell that anvil as it was my first and I wouldn’t blame someone for not trusting it was done right .I would never trust that repairs where done correctly by anyone who knew what they where-doing. I’ve seen countless videos and heard people boast about how they could do it or couldn’t be to difficult these people I watching people who thought they knew enough to repair it right only to ruin the anvil.. I knew I was clueless but didn’t realize how little I knew . . And I still don’t know didly squat
  8. Well as you all have far more exp then me I’ll go with your advice on he edges . I thought it was wrought iron but when I went to clean it up it obviously had some kind of tool steel plate on top very thin no five eights more like quarter inch thick but still had some pea size pot holes in the face of the top plate . just picked up this post vise up in Reeding there is a 5 1/2 inch Peter right post vise about another hour and half north in Klamath falls Oregon posted on Facebook was going to go try to grab it two but I never got reply back in week of trying to get in context .This one was supposed to be a 6 inch it up being a 5 1/2 it sure does look a lot uglier in person than was in the pictureI I don’t get all people when I send them an exact picture of what I am referring to is the measurement is still messed it up who’s going to pay 200 bucks good with the XXXXXX condition and wasted time to give her 80 bucks pretty sure it’s columbian . I made a good connection regardless the guy was showing me pictures of two different locations he knows where they have a bunch of anvils a and post vises as well as a friend of his that has a whole collection of them
  9. Hello so my local Scrap yard is a frequent place I go to And one of the employees about months ago told me they had anvil at that time the owner was not willing to sell well yesterday I got this for 150 bucks I figured it be a lot better to get my hammer control down on this that it would be on my hay budden or Columbian’s and most will probably tell me a paid too much but locally I could resell around 300 once I fix the edges . I’m pretty sure it’s all right iron it’s got about 80% rebound and weight originally was 177 currently and currently without the hill is 157 it has warranted and what looks like to you FTS them printed on it as well as JF i’ve tried doing some research and I can’t find anything on it
  10. Are used to use linseed oil but it tends to leave a sticky residue behind and after one of the rags spontaneously combusted I have a stop using it I like the Johnsons wax because if you heat the metal a little bit it’s soaks in and it doesn’t leave a sticky feeling and leaves a nice clean look that I like and I also upgrade a lot I’ll sell two of them to go fund an anvil or a larger post vise or welding equipment . I’m gifted at buying welding tanks as well I like to buy them used full for 150 bucks and then I’ll sell them empty for $150 because I use up a lot of Oxygen acetylene each month and one month I actually had to pay for the gas was 600 bucks.I’m not in a for huge profit I like to make 50$ For my time and for cleaning it up as well as driving out to get these that are hours away usually
  11. Bench vises I’m just lucky and got my most recent reed swivel jaw for free dude even delivered it from Sacramento to bay area. Prentiss one I got is scrap yard and ya the first Reed swivel jaw one I got for 60 bucks they weren’t nice looking when I got then I have to do akkotbid soaking ad heating to get the jaws loose and also both I had to repair the base on I’ve had to teach myself how to weld and repair cast iron and have gotten pretty good st it. I don’t use nickel rod you know I have a ton of it because it doesn’t color match and it’s riddle I tend to use a Vulcan nasty cast as a buttering layer and then afterwards use 7018 but first I heat the xxxx out of it to burn out any oil or anything else that might be in it and then I slow cool it Clean up the area I’m going to weld and then Head back up to around 400-500 f and weld it i’ve got to mention I also have a 6 inch Columbian bench Vise I got for I think 40 bucks Cause if didn’t have any of the jaw inserts I had a friend who has a YouTube channel “metal tips and tricks “and machine shop make me some jaw inserts and then I fix the screw nut and I filled in a couple pot Marks and am getting ready to sell it
  12. I usually pay 100$ for 4-5” in great shape and tend not to buy littler ones they always need repairing 150$ 5 1/2”-5 3/4” lately 200-250 for 6- 6.5” and I only own 2x7” and paid 280 and 350 but the More expensive one the guy wouldn’t let me buy just a large one I had to buy a 4 inch and a large one I use electrolysis and Johnson’s wax I found that if you use a wire wheel you risk erasing fine details that will help you identify certain post vises that Are not obviously one brand or another but I have two Indian vises that since I used electrolysis was able to see very very fine Indian chief stamp on the jaws in each . I’m kind a well-connected I responded to a lot adds even if they’re not showing blacksmith related items like if I see old tools I ask everyone . I connect more people that are buying and selling together also like guy I know was looking for 300+ anvil for good price and I knew someone 159 miles away who had let me jbjs he was selling one. And also I’m really nice when I sell items a lot of times if it’s father and son come over I end up giving them a ton of supplies for free I lost my dad about a year ago so whenever a son and father come over to buy something OK I hooked him up as best as I can shoot myself in the foot a lot of of the time doing it but im able to help them grow a bond and enjoy each others company . lotta older gentleman have an easier time relating to and talking to me because I’m very respectful and have values that are not seen nowadays with people my age -32 Are use Molly grease or other similar gear summer grease on screw and screw books and the bottom of the moving jaw. I buy the industrial giant 5 gallon purple power degreaser from Home Depot it is the best stuff I found yet xxxx takes up paint even .it’s pretty cheap for how much you get and i will soak/ fill the screw box with it and just soak it for a day and then when was washed out of water almost everything comes out
  13. That’s not really that old that’s closer to their newest version of their bench vises maybe 30-40 years old G man I agree on standard is jaw width not how far it opens . I’ve come close to chewing out someone when I drove 40 min to buy a vise not knowing anyone would think to measure other way but now know to be clear what measurement I’m referring to as it’s more common than I thought
  14. 172 hay budden carved out by hand a red wood block for a stand and have a 1/2” top plate bolted down with flat bar welded to some pipe that’s welders rk rhe plate so I have tong and hammer holders on bothbsides but now is to big and i want to change the stand but not bad first run That I fallowed the anvil mag write up on how to repair adds damage and repaired mine and fixed some top plate damage and am waiting to have a freind who has a mini machine shop and is going to use a surface grinder to give me the most accurate flat top plate but don’t want him taking more than a 1/32 off the original top plate and said he could clean up all the weld build up on the sides cause I was nervous to do it and mess it up cause it took 6 hours to fix and so far had bony lost any rebound what so ever but didn’t want to do it again I’d i didn’t have to . Also repaired 5 other anvils this way which paid for my 110 columbian and the 240$ in electrodes 120 columbian not mounted yet am going to build steel stand 110columbian needs stand
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