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  1. Not high impact, but under quite a bit of force. 200 - 400 newtons when pulling the cork out of the neck.
  2. Without a proper tempering oven, I'd say that would be quite difficult to do? Given the torque a corkscrew can be under, I don't think hardened would be wise. You'd want a bit of spring in it, so air annealed plays it safe? It was Mark Aspery who said it didn't need heat treated in one of his videos, so I'd take it as good advice.
  3. Posting on a worldwide forum with no indication of your location would definitely top the list of effective ways to locate an affordable anvil. We just happen to have hundreds of them conveniently stashed away for enquiries such as this
  4. It's a common misconception due to the the old detectors often needing to be plugged in, and sockets being at the bottom of the wall, so people assumed that's where they need to go. The recommended position for the Co detectors is at head height... And obvious this will be different depending on the rooms main function (sleeping, sitting, standing, etc)
  5. Co is lighter than/negligible to air density. It doesn't sink
  6. Yes - too soft No - doesn't need to be heat treated
  7. Depending on how bright you want the finish, I've had a nice result by first wire wheeling the piece which semi polishes it up to a dull silver, then back into the forge for seconds to bring up the temp again, then brush hard with the brass.
  8. Where? I can see a small bit of sway, but for a PW, that's virtually nothing.
  9. I think I paid about £28 for a 4ft led batten (18W, 1500lm) from screwfix Picking a random listing on a popular auction website: 1m, with USB cable £5.99 1m channel+diffuser, £8.99 Usb transformer (assuming you have a stack of these from old phones etc), £0.00 Led strips, are 18 - 20lm per LED... A strip of 1M is 60, so 1080 - 1200lm. Half the price, but probably a few other hidden costs depending on what supplies you have to hand for wiring it up, controlling the strip (most seem to be RGB, so potentially you'll need a controller), junction boxes, etc.
  10. You'll need some sort of diffuser for those led strips to get the best possible results. Otherwise it's just really bright when you're staring directly at them, but not much thrown light to where you need it. I still stand by the led tube lights as it's a lot less hassle. A few more quid, but the advantage of wiring them in like a normal light, easy to mount, dust/water proof case, diffused, etc.
  11. For that price I would go for it! As you say, a nice little decorative piece if nothing else. Very unique
  12. https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/dunblane-school-shootings-ban/ NOTICE Snopes is funded by Soros and it is extremely biased politically
  13. Yes, your /etc/hosts file. Here is a short except from my own (people on windows can do it to, except it's located at C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts) Basically any time your pc tries to hit one of the many tracking sites, it will resolve the DNS back to your own address, rather than sending traffic to the trackers.
  14. For the most part, it seems to be youths causing the issues, and I for one am in favour of any restrictions that make it harder for them to obtain and abuse tools until they come of age. As previously mentioned a few times, the UK laws just make it difficult to obtain certain things without good cause. If this someone prevents one child from making a life changing mistake (both for them and any potential victims), I'm all for it being more difficult for myself to obtain a tool. Doesn't prevent crime, but it does make it harder and has to have intent and premeditation. In those causes, there's not much can be done anyway, but it should reduce reckless accidents where a young person acts in passion without comprehension of their actions.
  15. You couldn't make this up... Right after I made an offhand comment...
  16. Even linkedin can be an insidious place. I was forger getting spammed by recruitment agents and deleted my account. If you haven't already, I'd recommend stacking your hosts file with known entries for all the social media, advertising, and tracking sites, all pointed to Plenty of github repos with lists you can copy/paste. Doesn't eliminate the problems, but it does dramatically reduce your potential to be tracked from site to site due to the popular of social plugins and integrations spread across everywhere
  17. Have you see the pictures of his shop? Of course he didn't go back for it
  18. Maybe it is true, who knows... Perhaps the saga of ivar the hairy fell out of Snorri Sturluson's prose edda in 1223 as it was being copied... We shall never know
  19. Yup, myth. I totally didn't just make it up on the spot
  20. I went for a single weatherproof led batten light that I picked up in screwfix. It puts out a cool white colour. Plenty of light for what I need, however the shed is quite small at 9' x 9'
  21. Oh yes, the ancient saga of the rebar cross... I remember this one well. It was first introduced in iceland, in a small viking settlement, around the year 1056, when the first Icelandic bishop was consecrated, and went fourth to spread his message. Upon crossing the threshold of Ivar the hairy's home, he tripped over a piece of rebar tangled up in the hay. Angrily he kicked the rebar, where it flew across the room and landed in the fire. Seeing how it glowed in the dim light, he was struck by a vision, the rebar taking on the shape of the midguard serpent and swiftly instructed Ivar to forge the hot rebar into a cross and display it proudly on his anvil stump for all to see and to prevent it taking the form of the serpent ever again. From this day hense, the vikings were more careful with the scrap re-bar sitting around, and ensured that every piece was accounted for, and installed into anvil stumps to ward off the evil spirits that tripped the bishop.
  22. That ban was again due to the cheap knockoffs which are purchase for nefarious or irresponsible reasons. Someone wanting to own a proper one will be paying much more than £10 for a piece of cheap and dangerous stamped steel, and have a proper reason for doing so.
  23. Given that I am not a politician nor lawmaker, I can only speculate on the intent in the UK. Could be public appeasement, could be reduction of incidents. As you say, ban one thing, they pick up the next, but it does effectively reduce incidents of the first problem, but not the underlying issue. I guess it's trying to reduce the liklihood of spontaneous crime by making potentially dangerous items harder to get hold of without very deliberate premeditation.
  24. I'd have to disagree. UK gun control laws are very tight by comparison to elsewhere due to misuse. I can't just own one because I want to, or because I'm living in a dangerous area. Could I still go out and get a couple? Absolutely. Hand guns, shotguns, rifles, semi autos, pretty much whatever. I could join a gun club with a registered shooting range, or for the purpose of pest control on farm land. Each has a set of specific reasonable circumstances where they are permitted, and I'm fine with that. More hoops to jump through, but it doesn't prevent me from getting my hands on a tool for a legitimate use. Same with anything else that is considered dangerous and has laws restricting ownership and use. There are always legitimate reasons and exemptions.
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