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  1. Thanks for the replies. As general im talking about anything from rivets to fence and gate work or anything in the middle in size.
  2. Hello, Im getting ready to build myself a dedicated forge for general blacksmith work. Some small stuff some larger things also. My question is what size to make it. Im building a super sucker hood which will be on the rear of the forge table. Also what size of fire pot would you put in it? Thanks
  3. Good advice. I'll just use it as is. Thank you
  4. Was only thinking of taking around .020in off. I don't need it any flatter. It is flat enough. Just hate seeing all the chisel marks. I will put some hot steel on it and see what I get. Would you soften the edges that have chipped out? I wish I could take some pcs from work home. Thank you for the advice.
  5. I do a lot of hand grinding of flat surfaces on large stamping dies for a living. If you don't think they will mess my work up I will just mount it and see how it works out.
  6. just picked this up last nite. Anyone know who made it. I assume it's a 110lb. I can't make out anymore marks anywhere else.9th has a lot of punch marks to top. Plan on blueing the top and grinding at least most of them out.
  7. Hello. I am just across the river in Jeff. I will be starting to try to learn more about smithing starting in Jan. Give me a pm and maybe we can meetup and learn from each other. Chuck Mod Note: Phone number removed for security
  8. Bad thing for me is my normal work schedule is every fri. and sat. Which is when most of the open anvils are. I'm hoping to find someone close to help guide me along. no just jeans and tee shirts.
  9. So all i have to do is look for someone who looks like me. my shop was moved last year and stacked up in the pole barn.
  10. Hello. I live in Jeffersonville Indiana. I am getting ready to get my blacksmith shop set up. Currently have a 158lb Peter Wright anvil and a 2 burner forge along with a few other things. I hoping to build a power hammer this net year. Thanks for all the information here to help me learn.
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