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  1. Congratulations GreyGhost27 on a very nice one you've got there. If you don't mind I'm asking, what would be the going rate / lb for PW in such condition in AZ,? Cheers....
  2. Using a file will be then. I'm really thankful for all information you give me. Truly much appreciated. Don't worry about rantlet.... I did that sometime to my other half and I totally know how you feel. Everything is good...
  3. @ThomasPowers: I totally understand about your resentment on youtube. There are so much garbage information floating around since peoples just want to get attention. In any case, I watched this video to compare the sound and bounce when he strike the anvil with a hammer: I hope he didn't misled me by much... On another note, I have a question if you don't mind. Should I use grinder to remove the BB weld or there is another method which is better? Thanks again for keeping up with my noob questions.
  4. Thanks for your kind advises. I'm glad they are no concern at all. @SLAG: I didn't do the rebound test, since I don't have a ball steel. But I did ring and bounce test by using a hammer. It sounded and bounced right to me based on information I gathered from youtube.
  5. As promised, below are photos which show damages on the face. At this moment I'm not too sure yet on what to do with this damages. I'm open to any advises you guys have. Thanks in advanced.
  6. The first thing I did was asking my friends and family and colleagues in the office. But most, actually all off them rolled their eyes when I mentioned about the Anvil. Having experienced the above, I will still do the TPAAAT to whomever I'm comfortable asking. But I think there are a lot of people in my neck of the woods whom are looking for the same things and do the TPAAAT as well. Example, there was a PW - 80 lbs with substantial crack on the face face. Asking price was about $ 9/lb. The ads was disappeared within a day. Not too sure how much it was sold, but the anvil market here is just crazy. The second anvil I posted above was also sold at really close to the asking price.
  7. Sorry for the late reply. Yesterday I was on the road for 600 miles to pick up the last anvil on the photo. The face has some damage, mainly on the area covered with the white napkin. To my newbie eyes and knowledge, the anvil doesn't show any crack, weld or broken pieces. But I'll take several photos of the actual anvil this afternoon after I come back from work and get your expert opinions. I did ring and bounce tests with a hammer, it sounded and felt right to this newbie. Since I don't have a ball bearing, I couldn't do the rebound test :-( (I'd be appreciated if anyone can advise me, where can I buy 1" loose steel ball bearing in Calgary. Otherwise I would have to go with Ebay route) @ThomasD : The asking price was very high, but I managed to talk him out a bit so it was within reasonable, considering the total price I paid was bundle with other forging items (tongs, hammers, chisels etc) ThomasPowers: At first I didn't know what was TPAAAT, so I have to google it first. It was a really good method indeed. In fact I started with TPAAAT for a couple of months, but so far there isn't a single lead to an anvil. In my neck of the woods, it seems the highest chance to buy and sell vintage items is pretty much the internet. According to the latest information I read, 90-95% of the population in Alberta have some means to connect to the Internet. Old folks use it to interact with their family and friends (facebook, facetime, skype, etc), so they are very well informed on what they have.
  8. Swedefiddle: Thank you for your advise. Initially I was looking at spending much lesser, but apparently I got carried away a bit. I'm kind of liking the old anvils as they have characters and history. But if things didn't turn out the way I hope, then new anvil will be in my radar. Biggundoctor: I will definitely look into Anvil Brand when I'm going to new anvil route. If you guys don't mind, I would like to ask about this anvil. From my newbie eyes, it looks pretty good. It's PW with 166 lbs in weight. Thanks a bunch.
  9. Thanks for the advise. This Anvil is currently sold, but I didn't have any regrets not pursuing it. Oh well.... I'm going back to the drawing board.
  10. Wow, thanks for the information/concerns on the anvil. Now I can see that the face lines seem to be disjointed. I think I'll pass on that one. On the side note, there is another PW appeared in local ads. I'm a bit hesitate on this one too, since the asking price is around 4/lb and I think the face edges need some repairs. Weight is 105 lbs (0 3 21). What do you guys think ? Any advise for this newbie would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advanced.
  11. BigGunDoctor: I can't see any England word based on the photos. All I can see is just "Made ". ThomasPowers: Unfortunately the anvil is about 600 miles from where I live, so I couldn't check it in person. Irondragon: Thanks for the warm welcome. I've updated the location in my profile. After spending more time comparing the anvil with other PW photos on the Internet, I have a few concerns: 1. The whole stamp is not centered 2. There is word "Made" on the marking. I have not seen any PW with "Made" marking 3. There is no "Solid Wrought" circle around the middle weight number But again, I'm just a newbie here so my concerns should not be a concern at all.
  12. Thanks for your quick reply George. Would you be able to tell the approximate age of the Anvil from those 2 photos ?
  13. First of all, I'm a long time lurker, but just join this awesome forum in order to seek some help. I'm interested in this anvil but not 100% sure who was the maker, since the marking is kind of rub off. My initial guess is a 147 lbs Peter Wright. I'm not not too sure what is the age and fair value of the anvil. I'm located in Alberta, Canada. So I would appreciate some help from more knowledgeable members of this forum. Thanks in advanced.