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  1. What I am currently using is a (dressed) Vaughn 2 1/2 lb cross pein with a wood handle and it is working for me. It is just going to take time to perfect my technique so it doesn't take so many heats to block out a project as Charles stated. Thanks for all the feedback!
  2. Probably not extensively, but I think it could be useful to have one. They also make a 3lb version.
  3. Happened to see this hammer at Tractor Supply yesterday and I thought it looked like it could make a decent rounding hammer. It has a flat side and a rounded side. The rounded side looks like it has too sharp of a radius, but that could probably be fixed with a grinder. I'm not crazy about the fiberglass handle, but that could also be replaced. The head looks to be of good quality, yet the hammer is really cheap ($18.99) Anyone have any thoughts? Mod note: Link removed
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