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  1. Hello all. I just picked up a completely rusted and pitted anvil, but wanted to give it a new life. I have no idea who the maker is. As best I can tell everything from the waist up is forged and topped with a tool steel plate. The base seems to be cast however. I have not seen any markings on the anvil. Been though Postman’s Anvils in America, and the closest thing I can come up with is possibly an early Trenton? I know the Trenton mark however, and it’s nowhere to be found. Any info would be appreciated!
  2. Thanks for the additional info Gor, much appreciated!
  3. Thanks for the feedback gentlemen. Please keep it coming!
  4. Checked out the website on the Fontanini anvils. They look good for sure! Seems to be a mostly German pattern without the conical horn. Rockwell hardness is a bit less than the Peddinghaus and Refflinghaus for sure. Any feedback on the Fontanini anvils?
  5. I’m about to be in the market for a new anvil. Recently got a few opinions on the Big Blu, which seemed to be favorable. However, it seems I’m narrowing the field down to the Peddinghaus 275#, the Nimba Centurion, and the Refflinghaus 57 210#. Any and all feedback/thoughts is appreciated! Thanks!
  6. Thanks Gor, great to hear some personal experience with that particular anvil. I was looking at the 260 pounder as well. Do you have the stand they make? And if so, what are your thoughts on it? It seemed like a nice combination and well designed for pairing up with their anvil.
  7. Thanks Fatfudd for the quick response...much appreciated and will do.
  8. Been doing some looking around for a new anvil. The large Peddinghaus is my lead option at the moment. However, the Big Blu anvils look great too. I can’t find any recent reviews or feedback on the Big Blu though, and was wondering if anyone had any thoughts or comments. Thanks!
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