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  1. this last one I used a small drill bit to ensure everything was lined up, my center punch is to big for the chuck of my drill press also I made sure that the table was low enough to change bits with out moving it. I think I cut to much off the tip giving me the flames in the last pic so I have another one that I will cut smaller sections off. Thanks for all you guys help Bob
  2. So tonight I was able to fire up the forge again. With the full length mig tip the flame was about 2 to 4 inches from the end of the tube, until the forge heated up then it pulled back to the edge of the tube. It was also pulsing pretty bad. I cut the tip back some and it seemed to smooth out. Here is where I cut the mig tip and the resulting flame and dragons breath, the dragons breath is not anywhere near as much as it was before, Did I cut to much off the mig tip, or should I go up to a bigger one, a piece of rebar came out of the forge with rust so I am guessing thi
  3. OK, so after a few hectic days I was able to get a new TEE and get it drilled and tapped, it looks extremely close to center, at least better than the last ones. The last pic is of the flame with the full length mig tip. Now that I am at the point of cutting the tip, what should I be looking at for the flame? One thing I did notice is the flame changes and the roar changes with how far the nipple end is in the forge shell. I currently have it about a 1/4" inside the shell, does that seem right? recap 3/4 run X 1/2 Chase tee, .023 mig tip, 41/2" nipple T
  4. Thanks for the input, life has jumped in the way the last couple days. I will pick up a new tee and pay better attention to lining it up both ways this time and setup a new mug tip. I found my tip files so that should be good. I am slowly learning how much I don't know. Thank you guys for all your help Bob
  5. You have a very good eye, I just came back in from looking at it and yes it is off, I didn't notice until I put a new mig tip in it and although it is even across the width of the tee it is off on the length by about 1/2 a mig tip, so yes a new tee is in my future, along with a better ruler or getting my eyes calibrated. I'm not quite sure how I was off on that direction. The pic trys to show what I mean, if it makes sense. I did put the 4 1/2 nipple in and with a new mig tip and even though it was off it was getting hotter than it had before. I also moved the tube closer to the edge of t
  6. I have a 4.5 in tube so that is, as Mikey said an easy fix. This one was drilled connected to a floor flange clamped to my drill press table for the drilling and tapping. I screwed the tee off and put the 1/8 mpt fitting in upside down to thread that as well, does this one look off as well? Also is there something else I could do to get it straighter? There are small gaps between the burner mount and shell from where I cut the pipe and bent it out and screwed it to the shell, should those be sealed? I have a package of mig tips so if this one needs to be longer then that is also an e
  7. I will check the flame tonight and see if I can tell where it is. Where should it be, hanging right at the end of the tube? There is nothing stopping the airflow unless its the exhaust from the forge? Maybe? Should there be a lip from where the tube is cut or should that be smoothed out? Thanks Bob
  8. I was able to get some pictures of the forge running here are two shots of it running at about 5psi or so this was shortly after lighting and https://flic.kr/p/2dbos2B This is about 10 psi Here is two short videos the first at 5 psi and the second at 10 psi https://flic.kr/p/2dbos9F https://flic.kr/p/2apUTtJ I am still only getting to an orange heat, I can go from cold 3/8 rebar to orange in about 5 min but it doesn't get hotter Burner is 3/4r X 1/2C reducing tee, .023 mig tip (the new ones I just bought but haven't used say .024) 1/2 X 4in nip
  9. I picked up a new 3/4r X 1/wc tee today along with the new parts to rebuild the jet. I will have to wait on pics until tonight. I'm also getting some new mug tips so I can change that if necessary. The hole and threads for the brass fitting and mug tip were done while on the drill press. I don't know if I can get them straighter. Here's how it looks.its a lousy pic, I will try to get a better one later. The forge is still only heating to orange Bob
  10. I will double check the axis of the tip, I thought this one was straight, it is a lousy picture. I will pick up another tee tomorrow and fire up the drill press the tee is a 3/4 run by 1/2" chase and has a 4 1/2" nipple. It is sitting so its about 1/2 to 1" from the inside of the burn chamber. Should this be pulled back further?
  11. Its been a few months since I have been able to run my Freon tank forge. With temps over 100 and an outdoor work area with no shade, its just no fun. The burner is a 1/2 in TEE with the flame looking like the pic. I had a 3/8ths piece of rebar that would only get to an orange heat after 15 to 20 min at about 10-15 psi. The back of the forge is almost closed and its about 150-200 cu in. Does this just need the tip shortened a little more, or did I go to far? Or could it be something else entirely?
  12. If your looking for Kastolite lookup Wayne Coe here on IFI, he sells small quantities for a decent price at his website
  13. When we had horses I can only wish I had farriers like you guys. We had one fairly good one that after 2 or 3 years just said sorry cant do em' any more and that was it. Another husband and wife team trimmed one of them up because we didn't ride at the time so no shoes, made an appointment for 6 weeks and when they left I found an engraved hoof pick, called them and left messages so they could get it but never heard from them again. The worst was my wife asked me to watch one of the guys we had come in to trim that had a bad attitude he got pissed when my wife's horse pulled his foot off the s
  14. If you watch Craigslist there is someone in Sun City that seems to get a bunch vises and tools and sells them off once in a while,. Every time I go to my sisters house (also in Peoria) I forget to go check him out. Look into the Az Artists Blacksmiths Association. They have a bunch of members in Phoenix area Bob
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