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  1. Gas Forge Build

    Wayne, Just to sanity check how I understand your plans I put this in Sketchup and did a cut away. Green is the shell Black is the burner holder / grey is hinges White is the insulation blanket and tan is the refractory Is that correct? I did get a little lazy and didnt model any screws or the stand Thanks Bob
  2. Gas Forge Build

    Looking at your plans after eading the ceramic wool safety info I noticed that neither set actually called for rigidizer. Is that because all the wool is covered by the refractory clay? Bob
  3. Gas Forge Build

    LOL, I remember one Easter we were at Church and it started to snow here, the natives Tucsonans didn't know what to do when we got about 4". Of course by the end of the day it was gone
  4. Gas Forge Build

    When the Air Force took me out of New England and left me in Az I realized no one here knew what a snow shovel was. Here they are used for cleaning up after horses. I decided i decided I would stick around awhile.
  5. Gas Forge Build

    Duh, I didn't think about riveting, when I started comparing the directions I kind of fixated on the welding and hadn't thought past that. Thanks for the reminder. Once I get home tonight I am going to sit down with paper copies of both plans and see which one I will have an easier time with. After reading alot on IFI i do realize I need one set of plans and I will and stick with that. Now to determine the one. Thomas even tho I'm only a few hundred miles from you , you can keep the low temps. were in the mid 60's today and hopefully warmer by this weekend Bob
  6. Gas Forge Build

    I figured it out this morning and the gallon paint can would be about 24 cu in while the freon tank is about 150cu in. I have a freon tank and would have to buy the paint can so it looks like the freon tank won that one Ive looked at your plans and Ron Reil's plans and am trying to decide which one to go with. My biggest issue is welding, I dont have a welder and every person I have talked to in the last three months about doing some welding has flaked out on me at the last minute. Family , friends , you name it. looks like I'll end up hiring out the welding if needed. I am sure I'll be needing help somewhere along this so you will probably hear from me. Thank you Bob
  7. Gas Forge Build

    Yes I was asking what size forge a 1/2" burner would heat. Its been a long day and I thought I wrote it the way I thought abouot it. LOL, next time I guess its think twice write once I'll have to measure the tank I have tomorrow or look at the size of a gallon paint can Thanks for the info, Bob
  8. Gas Forge Build

    Looking through both Burners 101 and forges 101 I haven't found out what size is good for a 1/2 in burner, I did find the 350 cu in is good for a 3/4 in burner. Do you think that a freon forge or Paint can forge is the correct size? Bob
  9. Gas Forge Build

    Once I have the regulator in hand I plan to. I just wanted to make sure I didnt go totaly off the rails with this. I dont want to build something that goes boom
  10. Gas Forge Build

    I am looking at building a propane forge setup and after a lot of reading I decided to Use a T Burner. The burner may not be the best place to start but I had most of the parts already. One thing I couldn't find was the tap for the mig tip so I came up with something a little different. Parts used 3/4 run X 1/2 chase Tee 4in nipple .024 mig tip 1/4 X 1/4 compression fitting I realized that the mig tip fit right into the compression fitting So I put it in and tightened it to compress the ring then disassembled it leaving the compression ring on the mig tip I drilled a hole the same size as the O.D. of the compression fitting in the Tee, thank you Frosty for the different ways to drill a tee straight. I put the fitting in from the outside and went crazy trying to thread the compression nut back in the inside. I did have to cut the compression nut back a little and crown it so it would fit tight and keep the whole thing straight. I marked the mig tip so it was about in the middle, disassembled, cut the tip and reassembled. My next step is getting a regulator and associated hoses and valves, is a 3-30 psi regulator good for this setup. I found a place that has a complete setup with regulators for about $70 So here's the question, did I set myself up for failure or disaster in any way or should this work? Bob
  11. Starting this journey

    I am one of the very fortunate ones, My SO doesn't mind me taking up a new hobby, she knows sooner or later she will be getting presents. My neighbor has opened his scrap pile to me and I just found out a couple days ago he built a rr track anvil and is asking me about a forge. Looks like another convert I will send here Sounds like a good reason to visit the neighbors scrap pile
  12. Starting this journey

    I did try a waste gate but never thought of using a Tee. I used a rolled piece of aluminum with a partial hole cut in it . the cutout was pushed in the tube and turned to act as a damper, if that makes sense. I'll take you up on that, Thank you Bob
  13. Starting this journey

    Hello everyone, my name is Bob and I live in Az outside of Tucson. I've been interested in blacksmithing for quite awhile and back about August I decided to take the first step. After a lot of reading here and elsewhere I started picking up equipment. I found a piece of plate steel (4 X 10X 23 about 300 lbs) at the scrap yard for an anvil, mounted that to some RR ties in the ground, built a brake drum forge and acquired a post vise which is on a piece of telephone pole buried about 3ft deep. I have learned that Blacksmithing is magical. If you have a piece of steel in a coal forge that uses a hair dryer for an air supply, even of low if you step three steps away, pour and drink about 8 ounces of water it makes the steel disappear! Now if I can just find out how to make it reappear I will be on to something So far I have learned that beating hot steel with a hammer is fun and when people ask me what I've made so far I smile and say a mess. I am going to try to spend more time reading and listening than talking so hopefully I can get something to sink in Bob