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  1. I'm leaving india now to go back to the uae, turns out since the harvest hasn't been well it's also effected the blacksmiths work. The man had no projects so i couldn't work there and his smithy was wrapped up. I did buy one of those anvils you see in all the villager smithy videos, weighs around 41.6 pounds. also bought tongs and a hot cut. all for as little as 20$ they were selling all of it at scrap rates. Ill post some pictures once I arrive. Good thing i packed light.
  2. Haha will do, that's the first thing my sister told me to do.
  3. I'm going to my farms back in India where we grow mostly crop and have poultry, it's in a Small Indian town. A good amount of blacksmiths there, my father wants me to work with the blacksmiths for a week for 2-3 hours a day before I can get a home setup. I'll be starting in a week, I'll try to get some pictures of the smithy.
  4. I was wondering if I could use home made charcoal briquettes as a fuel for a forge.
  5. But what if I use a bigger coupling fitting?
  6. I plan on starting on that and when I get better I’ll take a bunch of steel stocks and weld them together cuz steel blocks and forklift forks are hard to come by over here
  7. I think I’ll end up using a 10-20 pound sledgehammer head
  8. What’s your opinion on bench vises with anvils? Is silencing then easy?
  9. I'll probably just learn how to quite steel. Now that I know how little noise it can make.
  10. Yeah, the way I tested it was digging a hole in the dirt and putting in the weight plate and then hammering it. Didnt make too much noise
  11. I was doing it for less noise, but I tested it out I put some weights in the dirt, and I found some marble and quartz. Steel has less amplitude but a higher frequency. But marble had a higher amplitude. So a steel block is what I'll use now, I need minimal noise.
  12. Thing is I've looked up on traditional methods before, but nothing came up. No one in the uae actually cares about blacksmithing, thus it's not documented. I was also wondering if limestone would be a suitable surface? Or would it crumble.
  13. My house is made of steel and cement, and the roof is open, I have tiles on the floor and plan on putting on 3-5 inches of dirt over that. Houses in the uae don't have any thatch roofs
  14. Thanks, my friends dad has a construction company I could ask him, also I'd love to have the names of those stones, might be lucky and find one.
  15. So I plan on making my Smithy in a 10 for by 10 foot space on my roof. I was wondering if anyone has done this and if it’ll mess with the foundation of the house or anything? Any structural damage?