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  1. Thanks guys! Thanks for the lead Thomas, I will check into that.
  2. Hi! My name is Josh. I live in Louisville KY and I'm completely new to smithing. I've been interested for several years now and done quite a bit of reading but now I want to start working. I am a woodworker by trade and enjoy using hand tools more so than power but the power tools make the money. I would like to eventually get to making the tools I use but I know its basics first, s hooks, bottle openers and the like. If there are any smiths near that wouldn't mind showing a new guy a few tricks it would be much appreciated. Plus I can bring the beer. I still need to build/acquire a forge. I have a few parts that could go towards a coal one, but I'm leaning towards gas. Apples and oranges I know but trying to figure out efficient use of the space I have. Thanks Josh
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