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  1. Hey all, Been cruising the site for awhile... Decided to ask a very specific question. What types of steel do you all use for basic traditional blacksmithing? I ask because I have placed quite a substantial order of steel next week that I could still change up until the day before. I have placed an order for 300 feet of A36 in various sizes and shapes (all hot rolled of course). My goal is to make more fire pokers, bottle openers, decorative lamps, ect. (Traditional beginner projects). Is A36 a good type of steel to use for these projects? I have heard to go with 1018, but saw that this was a bit more expensive... A little background on myself, I have been playing with mystery steel for about a year now. I have made knives, scroll work, tools, décor, ect. I would consider myself to still be a novice..
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