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  1. Good idea. Done. Thanks. Also done. Thanks. Thanks. Now to learn what to do with it. Thanks to all for the advice. So...what did I learn? Free don't necessarily equal free. The wood was free, the rail was free and the plates were free, but between hardware, cutting discs, grinding discs and flap wheels, there's every bit of a C-note in there.
  2. 90% done... That rubber truck mudflap really deadens the ring...don't know how it will hold up to hot work though.
  3. As heavy as this is, I'm seriously considering finding some old tall-style rear wheels off discarded push mower and adding them like a oxy- acetylene cart...off the ground until it's leaned back. Good idea...I'll do that.
  4. Thanks. That's something I would like to avoid. I have some rubber truck mudflap...maybe I'll use some between the two pieces. Thanks, I'll do that.
  5. Pretty self explanatory...borrowed heavily (entirely?) from... ...and here... Thanks Charles R. Stevens. Nothing is attached yet, bottom metal plate is 3/8", will be cut to fit. Top plate will be fitted but not cut. Maybe fill most of those spike holes, use one for a hardy, and maybe drill a pritchel hole above that diagonal cut out in the stand. Thanks in advance, MOe
  6. Thanks for the welcome. I am lucky enough to have two and a half of 18 inch +/- of legally sourced rail to work with. I hauled a bunch of decommissioned scrap rail out of Garden City, OK, and the shipper was nice enough to trade a few pieces for some sling straps that I had left over from hauling tubing. What I really want to make is single barb gigs for bow gigging and three pronged gigs for frogs. Haven't seen too many threads on it, but I am a total novice anyway, so I likely have a long way to go before I'm ready for that.
  7. I do appreciate it...I am also borrowing heavily from one of your other threads, and getting there slowly but surely. Still have some cutting, grinding, shaping and assembly to go, but it is coming together.
  8. This is brilliant...solves a big vertical rail problem for me...thanks for creating and posting it.
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