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  1. Yeah, the VFD is setup correctly for this new motor. I had a 3 HP before I ordered the 2HP and the 3 HP ran for a long time with no issues. The 3HP was not TEFC so I knew it would go out eventually, but I used it because it was a free motor.
  2. Here is the tag from the motor they recommended. Thanks for any advice I also should say that I’m running a VFD, a KBAC 29
  3. Has anyone had any luck with this company? I called them and asked for a motor for my 2x72 sander and they recommend a motor that I went ahead and ordered. After getting the motor and installing it I now see that the motor bogs down and has no torque it comes to a stop as soon as I put metal on the belt. I have called and left 3 voicemails since Monday, and I have sent a few email to customer service and no one will respond. i feel like they just hope I go away. After spending almost $400 You would think they would try to help resolve this, especially since it’s what they recommend. if anyone has a good company that I can get a motor from (with better customer service) please let me know. thanks for your help.