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  1. Swedefiddle, My bad, I've edited my information. We've been recent victims of Identity theft, I'm now kind of gun shy about personal information. We spent our Honeymoon in Victoria(back before the Earth cooled). I do have a working Champion #40 Blower I can adapt if need be. Might flow more air too. I have to rebuild my outdoor forging space, it collapsed under the snow we had last year. I've been looking at propane alternatives for indoor forging but haven't made up my mind what would work best for me. There is a wealth of information here.
  2. Howdy, Newbie from the Pacific NW. Setting up my Blacksmith shop. I recently got a small basic Forge thats missing a tuyere and a Champion blower that is seized . The blower got water in it and is pretty rusty inside. I got it apart finally. I will be soaking the gearbox in vinegar first and ATF and Acetone later and see if I can get it loosened up enough to turn. time will tell. It has no number on it. Just has Champion Blower, Lancaster PA cast into it. I have a 100 Lb Anvil and one pair of tongs. It's a start. The picture is one like mine I found, not the actual one. Mine is a bit rougher but serviceable enough for me.
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