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  1. Ok, I will clean it and try to get some better pictures tonight. As far as selling it out of area, does the buyer usually pay shipping, or the seller?
  2. Thomas Powers, I'll look that procedure up. JHCC, to entertain the idea, do you have a rough ballpark as to what it may go for? It has some writing on the side and I'll try to clean it up to see if I can make any of it out. Like I said, I don't know much about anvils so any direction to finding a buyer or a fair price would be welcomed!
  3. Charcold, I am very interested in smithing, I've started volunteering at a loving history museum as an apprentice blacksmith under a very knowledgeable guy. I already have a cheap anvil with a 2"x2"x8" piece of 4130 for the top that will work, but I would really like to get this one back to looking and working as originally intended. So I'm not really looking for alternatives to this or using it like it is, because I do have another that will work. I am looking for the proper information to get this one fixed so it can be used to it fullest potential without having to work around any flaws. I came here because I figured this would be the best resource around. Some of you have pointed me in the right direction and I truly appreciate that! This is the anvil and top "plate" I have now. Next to nothing for a horn but the new one can sure be used for that! Along with a decent section of rail, also pictured.
  4. We have a friend that has been welding about the same, so I have faith in his ability, but I wasn't sure about messing with the hardness of the anvil from welding across most of the face. I also have a connection at a large machine shop that would be able to mill the face.
  5. I just got this anvil for free yesterday, has good bounce but there is barely a square inch of flat surface to use. Is there any way to get this to have a mostly full flat face again? Also I have no idea what brand this is. I've been reading articles half the day on how you should almost never attempt to fix one, but in its current state it's hard to see how it'll be much use! Its about 150 pounds at my best guess, measurements are 3.5"x13" by 10" tall. I appreciate any help!