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  1. I know right. I haven't even tried to forge an s- hook yet and I an reading all this stuff like, wow you guys know alot haha. Thanks for the education
  2. So I have a question I haven't heard much talk about, Jonathon was talking about putting clay on the spine to not harden it as much as the blades, could you use an edge quench to accomplish this? Or is there a different reason to perform an edge quench?
  3. Alright good talk, loads of support and encouragement here : )
  4. Hello from New Jersey! I will start off thanking all of you for the posts that have taught me so much already, it has been a pleasure to read and learn from you all. I have been beating metal and making it do what i want for over 17 years as my primary job. I am an autobody technician, so now at the age of almost 35 I decided to have fun with hot metal and a hammer. In the autobody industry we use cold metal (usually don't heat it) and move it with pulling rams and beat it with big hammers. This will be a fun new hobby and a great change of pace for me and my kids. Reading the info so far had guided me thru building my first coal forge. Having a forge party in my garage with a couple buddies showed me the design had to be tweaked, however by the end of the night that fire was hot. Obviously nothing a newbie does is perfect and my forge is definitely no exception. I have lots of hammers, just acquired a section of train track and a 50lb anvil, forging my first piece of metal into probably noting useful is just around the corner. I will try to not ask any questions that I can easily find the answers to, I know how some of guys really enjoy explaining things time and time again. Thanks for all the info you guys keep supplying, I will keep reading and experimenting. Best of luck to everyone, John
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