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    Many!!! I love to smith, craft, work with my hands, drawing (definitely helps with conceptual work!), I have a bunch of other miscellaneous interests including parkour, photoshopping, digital art, and cooking!

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  1. "Anvil acquisition method" ? What would that be?
  2. I've read the first book! I'll look into the other book, too! I updated my location a short bit ago, but I'll put it here for convenience. Guthrie, Oklahoma, USA. As for the coal, I have a blacksmithing group that I'm going to join that offers premium coal, I can ask about the specifics if that'd help?
  3. 1: I'm using a combination (per availability) of coal and charcoal, 2: I have a chunk anvil (I have no idea what it used to be...) a three pound hammer and the intent to make (or buy, depending on difficulty) any other tools I might need! 3: I'm going to be forging equipment and tools for our homestead! 4-5: I have a squirrel cage fan and it's going to be bottom blast with a sculpted forge bed to feed new coal slowly into the blast. 6: I have roughly two-thousand to start, and from there it will depend on what I can sell, or what I can make working on our homestead! I
  4. Starting up my first forge, I've done the research, I have the first draft of my forge plans, what now? Materials and thicknesses and the like get confusing when one person says one thing then another site says another thing! Some help from the pros?
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