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  1. No I mean before I leave for burning man and want some ape hangers so I can ride my bicycle sitting up properly!
  2. Just simple twists for this project, I have weaved torcs in the past from wire and reduced them through hole sizes until they are tight and beautiful but it honestly takes too xxxx long for the results. I'll ask the local metal shop for something with a high nickel low carbon content and see what I can get Of course, all of this might be for naught if I can't get to the forge before I leave.
  3. Here are some of my leaf ones. I made about 20 of them to give to friends who bought me my forge this winter while my wifey was sick. I just started this winter so I have almost zero tools still, slowing trying to collect or make what I need as I need it.
  4. I was not coffeed up enough this morning the word I was looking for was torc. I have not looked into titanium in the forge yet. I will do some research and see if that would work. I also thought about just using gun blacking on 2 of the 4 bars, but that is sooooo much taping to cut off the other ones from being colored by it.
  5. So I have been making some great bracers for the family twisting 1/8 square stock together in 4 bands to make a braided look. I want to up the game on this for a set of ape hangers for an art bike build I am working on but want to take it one step further. I want to twist 2 dissimilar colorings together so that the finished polished product would have 2 different brightnesses. any suggestions on 2 steels to use so that when I polish it up they will have a different sheen? I have only been smithing for a year so I have not nerded out on metals yet I just don't have the knowledge.
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