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  1. Bill used to come to blacksmith guild of potomac annual meets, dad and I would help him unload and load his van, he was something, he gave dad some eastern shore phonebook covers that depicted blacksmithing, I think gichner iron works? Did the the White House fencing ,but I'm not 100 percent on that. He had some high dollar prices on them tools he had for sale, I bought my peter wright at one of those events, i went 13 years straight to them, won a post drill for a buck at iron in the hat, won a knife from bill moran and seen him demo there, gave it to dad years later he gave it back to me, he gave me a small post vice (dad) and a western chief blower, and I gave dad a cross pien
  2. My very thought is your yellow wasn't yellow enough, and maybe your hits were too hard Flux melting and looking fluid is misleading , some say use a pointed rod to touch metal and when they stick it's ready, different levels of yellow color is key, a little brighter is the answer and it may be the difference of 100 degrees but it matters.i have done San mai and some forks with welding and got frustrated, but keep trying, clean metal, flux, and right heat, quick travel to anvil, dont drop metal to anvil to ready to hit it, and hit it with some pressure but not to much to shear it best I can give you
  3. Chris very creative with horseshoe critters, what metal ( reflective)l are behind the candles and how did u hang them? My dad made a wagon wheel coffee table years ago and two couch side tables with welded up horse shoe bases, expense was having glass cut circa 1970s. Especially the round glass with round glass cut in center for wagon wheel hub The horse shoes and mule shoes were dug up from old logging camps in west Virginia, his cousin found out from old timers when mountain was logged then u would find creek area where u would think they had a camp in a area that matched age of current trees and I be xxxxxx if we didn't find them cool huh?
  4. Nice looking vice, why the copper jaw pieces? Jaws have cuts in them?
  5. Yes that is the fork I commented on, when I was first exposed to blacksmithing 45 years ago at 11 yo, dad was a boilermaker turned steamfitter, and he joined abana early on and got into blacksmithing, I never knew the level of finishing existed to refine a item with that factory look , I thought items were made to be functional only. Some examples were... some not, it takes soooooo much more time to create, like finishing a knife to mirror finish...even using modern tools ie buffer n rouge..makes u wonder how they ever earned any money. Again beautiful work and the "rodeo" comment was not taken in the wrong way You earn respect with your dedication and hammer time, maybe one day I can be half as good as you
  6. I briefly met u at 2018 abana teaching tent, I commented on the beautiful flesh fork u were finishing up, u said this ain't my first rodeo...indeed it's not best of luck to u, u dont need any actually u have the talent . The drive and anyone taught under u will be the benefactor no doubt!!
  7. Pnut have u thought about maybe making a box bellow, no electricity required, no gasoline for generator I have a furnace blower on a pail that I used for charcoal forge , but dont want electricity, my dad gave me a caneday otto hand crank blower years ago, price has gone down on these guys , I guess because many using propane now
  8. Yes 4x4 under post, only 2 inches tall temporary... think bulge on bottom of post is missing yes I am Worried About wind driven rain or snow ....good luck with your build it's taken me decades to get where I'm at, too many hobbies, dont want a huge shop warranting totally enclosed, as a firefighter, retired... carbon monoxide is a real danger!!!...proper venting and modern detectors should be in a shop, CO is readily absorbed 400 times greater than Oxygen in blood stream, when I retired 9ppm was limit in a household, 35ppm time weighted average in a 8hr workplace and 400ppm was IDLH immediate death life hazard please heed or research current data also there is what is called exposure and dosage it stays in your system for a while and multiple exposures can lead to fatal dosage so IDONT WANT TO work in a small space (confined) I plan on lag bolting a piece of angle iron to post to support bottom of leg, u are quite the detective Immediate danger to life and health IDLH Shop is also under huge oak tree about 3 foot plus around about 90 foot tall, closest neighbor about hundred foot away worries me when I plan to use coal probably when cold out and or raining otherwise use propane have a little trouble getting welding heat and noticed at 2018 abana conference side blast coal fire Smith had no problem forge welding wrapped eye tomahawk...which I want to make...have forge welded san Mai and some loops with 1/4 inch stock with my homebrew propane forge...but it's not reliable
  9. Finished roof installed temporary rail anvil, and post vice have lag bolts holding down vice about 4 inch , taking them out and putting longer in soon , they are trying to work loose, usually work in shop at work, drove 400 miles round trip, then finished this and got boat ready to fish tommorow. Lol,
  10. Profile updated thanks, I'm not to computer savvy, more analog vs digital, I was the last class in navy that was taught vacuum tube theory .
  11. Awesome u have it down pat, I'm gonna try some soon, ordered handles about ten years ago finally getting to build one soon, did you slit and drift, or use wrap method? Which do u think is easier? I have forge welded before, both mild steel to mild steel and san Mia again Nice work!! Where did u get aqua fortis?
  12. We had I think close to 70 inches of rain last year here in southern Maryland...way more than normal, so many days if I had cover I could of done something, plus i was working on ground and carrying everything in and out of shed, i plan on 2 forges propane and coal right next to each other, dont want any co poisoning and this small of a shop would not have been good for both heat and co .I plan on no electricity, hand crank blower, if on occasion i want to use a toaster oven for tempering a knife or use a hand grinder I will just run a cord. Overall I lean more traditional vs modern tools I know propane is modern, hope I ain't ruffling anybody. A business I guess with production and Bill's to pay will use what they need for time saved nothing wrong with that
  13. Finishing up outdoor "roof" tired of dragging stuff out of shed, now all I have to do is carry out hammers tongs chisel punches and hardy tools decades of gathering all coming together now
  14. My 8 x 8 outdoor shop evolving , post vice ,anvil and forge, will put hand tools and hardy's In 5 gallon pails , this "roof "will allow me to forge more soon
  15. Have used them for crabbing frontlines here in Maryland and yes they were cast iron