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  1. I have tried a few different things to no avail, but if I just quickly dress the sharp cornea on the metal prior to forging seems to do the trick. Been out to the workshop (I think I can call it a shop now?) twice more....1st was to heat up and finish up the quick v-bit tongs, definitely needed them for the next projects. I have a coil spring that I cut into sections, forged a little neck knife that came out ok, a 3/16 and 3/8 round punch, also a slot punch that's not fully finished yet. When the slot punch is done I will get my first experience hardening and tempering everything. Let me know what you think?
  2. i have a coil spring that i am planning on making some chisels, punches, and fullers from...in due time. i was having some problem with the original tapering i believe its call fish lipping? also, are you talking about hammering bolt onto the edges of the leaf or vice versa?
  3. Finally got out to the shop tonight, after over a week of not forging. Was going to give the 2 sided taper/leaf project another try, but this time take all the advice given, really worked on stance, rhythm, and not bring the hammer down like Thor....and wow couldn't believe how much of an easier time I had, at no point did I feel like I was fighting it. Didn't set any speed records and took many many heats but I could not be happier with the results of my leaf shaped object...started with 3/8 sq.
  4. Dressed the face, pein is on to do list.... There is a New Jersey blacksmith association, but only checked the website out briefly...will be hard to find the time but plan on looking into further
  5. Frosty, Charles R. Stevens, Lou L Thanks everyone for the tips, these are not short replies so i appreciate the time invested to write these. I will try to put all of these to use, some observations i have made about my short sessions after reading this. 1. i definitely try to put to much power into my hammer swings (baseball bat reference is the truth) 2. i think certainly i am not getting my steel hot enough, i dont think i have ever let it get to yellow (i feel this is because in my head, i have such limited forging time that i try to hurry...obviously this is not working, will have to start exercising patience during heats). 3. need to take a step back and think about whats going on and "visualize" what i am doing (think i am suffering from newbie excitement). will try to get out to the shop tonight to make a 2nd attempt at the leaf (just going for a leaf shaped object), but unfortunately i don't think the weather is going to cooperate. Might just have to play with the kids playdoh instead....
  6. You mentioned square in your post, i have a few feet of it, good to go. i was only doing the 90* turns, but i think i was holding it at a higher angle....will definitely try to keep it lower next time. I try like hell to only work the steel at forging temp but in my noobness, loose heat really quickly, have to work on surface area contact. Thank you for the advice.
  7. thanks, going to try the 3/8 next time and see how it goes...will certainly post the pics. Seen one of your recent posts, stuff looked amazing. I would love to take a class, been searching around online, havent found much and what i did find are all booked till the end of the year. Still going to keep looking though.
  8. Had 2 more 1-2 hour forging sessions this week, definitely more downs than ups. Wanted to try a different hammer so I ordered a diamond rounding hammer spent about an hour dressing it, to decent shape. Decided to put together the flat jaw quick tongs I got off ebay, so pounded out the reins, twisted the jaws....tried to thin and shape the jaws, was a complete failure, so just hot riveted and I guess no shame in finishing with the angle grinder. So, then tried to forge a leaf key chain using the Brian Brazeal 2 sided taper with 1/2" square, had a hard time moving the metal to form the far shoulder and realized too late that I didn't leave enough material for the leaf. Continued on and the near side shoulder wasn't forming right then when trying to thin out in between, metal wasn't going anywhere, gave up when it started to twist. Was starting to feel a little down, needed a win so decided to forge another hook, and came out beautiful, my taper was much better this time.
  9. I will check those tongs out no welder yet...I drew them out square then went octogon then to round. and thanks everybody for the confidence boost. Probably going to be making some punches and drifts next...was thinking of making a single thread to post my stuff all in one place...I have seen others doing this, would this be received well or considered bad etiquette?
  10. Thanks for the kind words. Yea, just the hammer and anvil.
  11. Total beginner, just finished my first forging session. Pretty happy with the results, but what a humbling experience it was. Forged the hook first, then the s hook out of 3/8 square....probably took me a little more than 2 hours to forge. I don't think I was heating the metal up enough or was having to much surface contact with the anvil, was loosing my heat very quickly. Also, had a xxxx of time trying to hold onto the piece doing the 2nd side with pliers, which marred up the metal, definitely have to work on coordination. Any advice or critiques would be greatly appreciated.
  12. No steeling that I can see, got in in southern jersey the flea market seller was an antique dealer that only sold knives and axes, had lots of nice things. he bought it from an estate sale.
  13. Here is a pic of the eye, possible maker mark let me know if it makes any sense.
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