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  1. @JHCC I just finished your (picture heavy) JABOD forge build thread, and I think that would be an ideal first forge to tackle with my boy. I have everything to build it in the (hoarder corners) around my shop and clay at the river. Hopefully my honey-dos won't take up the entire weekend so we can get started. Thanks
  2. We'll look in to this. Lavaca isn't far from the south side of Fort Smith.
  3. Thanks to everyone for the information. Having spent years in genealogy, finding out the history of things has become an every day (in my wife's words) addiction. Now to build the boy a forge.
  4. Here are some more pictures. My 11 y/o son has been watching "Forged in Fire" on tv and has already looked up videos on ways to build a home forge. He's ready to put a hammer to it.
  5. My Grandpa recently passed away and I was lucky enough to receive his anvil from my dad. It had some grime and a few layers of peeling paint so I took a wire wheel to it and uncovered some markings that interested me, which led me to this site. If anyone can help me understand what they all mean it would be greatly appreciated. The last two pictures are on the bottom of the anvil.one looks like T8 and the other looks like it could be upside down maybe ?2?22. Oops...Somehow my last picture ended up as the first.
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