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  1. Okay, I figured as such. Which is why I am seeking collective knowledge. I don't want to fumble into this. I want to know pretty what I am doing before I do it. I don't want to blow myself up. I know the best option would be simply to buy the stuff, but there is something to making it and also money is the limiting factor.
  2. Let revise what I had previously said. I want to build a propane or electric foundry. Mostly I can't stand coal or charcoal. Though I can make it, Smoking is a hobby as well. I am used to playing with gallium and such. Just a little expensive to get. I have tons of aluminum, tin, and iron around here. Which is why I want to be able to eventually build up to able to do iron. Would it be better to build it into an old stove or build it in an old drum I have cut in half? Of course, I am planning on getting plenty of firebricks. If I build propane do I need an Airflow like with charcoal. I have an electric leaf blower, is that too much or is an old hair dryer better for such things? A lot of my knowledge comes from reading and Grant Thompson and TheBackyardScientist. I am trying to get information together so I can start making my design.
  3. Thanks Frosty, know that I am designing things with safety in mind before anything else. My dad is a demo guy in the oilfield and expired explosives were our playthings. Being around gun reloading and gun-smithing has given me a healthy respect for being safe. I once saw a some nitroglycerin punch threw two water heaters and peel the "skin" like a pair of bananas with just a bb to set it off.
  4. I was not aware of it. I will have to get over there. I only live in the Clovis area so not very far at all. Will have to get in touch when I have a little time.
  5. I want to be safe with what I do. I have been burned by molten iron before cutting down old wagon wheels. I have a large burn scar on my left arm as a reminder that I have had for 15 years come few days. Happened on my 15th birthday which is why I remember specifically. That is why I put the location in, because I really want to learn from someone preferably in person.
  6. Hi, I am new to casting. I don't have a working setup yet. I am wanting to build one. Perhaps out of an old oven I found but not sure if that would be best. I want to build it big enough to be able to melt iron someday. But mostly I'll be doing brass and aluminum. I live on an old farm and there are all sorts of old weathered metals, tools. I don't mean worthless as junk iron, or such. I have sold off loads and loads of it. I just am getting to point where I need a hobby. I have been watching a lot of YouTubers that do casting. But I don't know what kind of design I want to do. I would like to see one in person so I can see them and ask a hundred and five questions as I think of them. I live in Eastern New Mexico. I would also be interested in making reusable molds, but that is a long time off.
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