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  1. This is exactly what I was looking for. Thank you very much! Now I got myself some thinkin' to do. What do you want to bet that when I figure it all out it will be exactly like all the others? I know it will, because they are tried & true, but this is still fun. Thank you again! David
  2. Thomas Powers & Frosty - Thank you for your help. Just to clarify, it is not that I don't want to follow other people's designs, etc., it's just that I am trying to learn what the different parts, measurements, etc. are, how, why, and so on. I simply learn better doing. I wasn't intending anyone to "spend their time troubleshooting my ideas", though in hindsight I can see that is exactly what I did. Anyway, I do appreciate the feedback & I'll post again, with photos & drawings, when I get it working. Thank you, David
  3. I am trying my first propane burner. I have read so many different plans, ideas, etc. over the last month or so. I am sure the logic of it was lost on me somewhere because . . . it doesn't work. I am wanting to not just copy someones plan but to really understand it & mess with it. I enclosed a picture of mine and was hoping someone can give me some advice. The design is a 2"pipe with a hair dryer on one end to a reducer with the gas line running through it, to a 6" x 1" pipe for the burner end. The actual gas tube is nothing more than a copper pipe with a small hole drilled in it, pointing toward the end. I can't light the thing with the hair dryer on, even on low. If I turn off the dryer I can light it & it is just like a candle burning. My thoughts on what could be wrong are: 1. the gas line is too close to the end. Maybe I need to move it back more toward the dryer? 2. there is not enough pipe after the gas inlet to allow the air & gas to mix well. 3. the hair dryer is too much? Maybe I need more volume & less 'force'? Any help would be greatly appreciated. David