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  1. JHCC. I will look at wheelbarrow handles, but I have an old drawing knife I like a lot for making my own handles. There are guys doing some logging down the road, and they will let me have the short logs. It is not terribly complicated to make handles, and I enjoy creating. By no means am I turning my nose up at your advice, and I will look at the hardware store.
  2. Biggundoctor, were you singing the praises of a good anvil, or were you looking to sell it? I can see how it could be taken either way, and if you were wanting to sell it, I would at least consider buying it. I like the style. Frosty, it is difficult not to just jump the gun and get started. Dad said he would show me how he made his tongs the next time I visit. It seems pretty straightforward in concept. I'm 100% VA retired and am waiting on a few different prospects to pan out, so I have nothing but time to pour into learning, making mistakes, scrapping, and starting again with just a bit more know how. that seems to be my process, haha. Thanks, Arkie
  3. Thanks guys. Frosty, I know first-hand about the TBI issues. 2 x IED strikes in Iraq and Afghanistan, and a vehicle rollover at 65 mph in Jordan. My memory is mush a lot of the time. If I don't write things down, I lose them most of the time. So no worries. I will be on the lookout. I truly appreciate the assistance.
  4. Ferrous Bueler, thanks for the advice. I just joined Abana. As you stated, anvils are difficult to come by. I have been bidding on EBay, and I must have good taste because the ones I bid on go for about 7 bucks per pound. I am wary of buying a new anvil because they are hit or miss, and I can't tell how hard they are (how easily I will mark them up). I don't want a bouncy one. I like the old Hay Budden and Peter Wrights. I'm looking for 120-150 lbs with clean(ish) edges and a flat face. I'm not 100% sure what all I need in an anvil. I would like to be able to make tools/knives to start. Maybe horseshoes later. I'm checking everywhere I know to find one. NCTOOLs has. 112 lb Calvary anvil for 440 new. Any thoughts on it?
  5. Thanks guys. This is extremely helpful. Thank you for your time and effort in replying to help this guy get started.
  6. I am freshly out of the USMC. 12.5 years and 100% VA disabled. My dad was a farrier/blacksmith for 30+ years and I wanted to learn the art. I use his forge when I visit, but I live 500 miles away. To get started, I bought an old stand forge and wanted to get it up and running. It was in disrepair, but I've got the blower moving and bought a new ashgate and tuyere grate. It had a small crack in the pot on the edge, which I will weld. I am pretty resourceful, so I can rig a belt. In pictures of similar forges, I have seen, there is an additional piece to attach the lever. I have seen how to rig it to work without that piece, but I would still like to find one to complete the forge. there are 4 bolts in the side that appear to have been to hold a wind/heat shield. I can make one from tin, but I would much rather at least be able to see what it is supposed to look like. I am very new to the community and know very little as it pertains to antique forges. Any and all information, from you seasoned guys, about this forge will assist me in learning and will hopefully help me narrow my search for parts. I would like to know things as simple as what this style forge is called. Also, I was wondering about lining/insulating the bottom of the forge. Fire brick would be too thick. I was thinking some type of clay or mortar. How were they originally insulated? the first photo is a similar forge with a complete handle/lever assembly. I am missing the metal piece between the bracket and the wood. The following 3 photos are the forge I bought. once again, any and all information on this forge would be extremely helpful.
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