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  1. Well Howdy folks! Brandon from Kenai, Alaska here. Hopefully I will be getting to know the A-town group and the Mat-su crew soon. Lonny, I see you are in Kenai too. Maybe we will get up someday. Start a KPB forge. Who knows? But first. Let me say... Well done people! I hate computers and the digital social whatnots. Yet after reading through a few posts and perusing here and there. I have to say... ya'll seem pretty xxxx agreeable. I thank you for unwittingly putting me at ease. A lil'bout myself: I got a mechanical mind and ask lots of questions. I hope that doesn't rub too many the wrong way, I imagine not though from my readin, as I mentioned. Bout a year ago, I was throwing out a pop can and realized... Xxxx xxxx This is a stock traded commodity and I am literally throwing it in the trash. I mean come on!? So I made a smelting foundry from watching all those handy dandy youtubes. Once I saw the pretty metals all liquidy. Sheesh. I WAS HOOKED. Now I want to cast more, but mostly learn the art of hammering and moving metal around. Learning temps and honing gut feeling and my craft. Well, what I would like to turn into a craft. For thousands of years a hammer and anvil (or some derivative of) have built civilization. So soon as Industry came along, and then bleh, Computers, ewww. Well, humanity as a whole, just turned our noses up at Forging, Lampwork, Cordwaining, Cob Building, on and on... Its just sad is all. Well I have been going on and on. Its nice to introduce myself and I hope ya'll get to know me and can teach as much as I can learn. Thanks for reading Blessed Be, Brandon