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  1. Thanks guys I appreciate the feedback. Yeah I'm mainly just trying to flesh out the history of the anvil and learn as much as I can since i am new to forging. Any notion what the marks on the legs might mean? Njanvilman gave some great insight to this anvil as well!
  2. Yeah I wasn't sure if it was 1949 or 1849, looks like an 8 to me but my wife wasn't so sure. I was mainly wanting to figure out how to verify the weight without putting on a scale(I don't have one) and what those other marks might mean.
  3. I've already hit up njanvilman about this, but thought I'd toss it out there to the forum as well. I just got this fisher, (at least I thinks it's a fisher) for $275 and I think it's 100lbs. That's about all I know about it! Could you guys tell me anything more about this anvil? I appreciate any help you can give, I really love knowing the history of things. Plus I want to know if I made a good buy! Quote Edit Quote this