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  1. John, I will get better picks and a display. I used the pic I bought them from. I need to get them cleaned a little and then show how it all works. I have done wrought iron items but I have only done one forge project and that was a knife from a file in high school and I am closing in on the 50 year reunion lol. Thanks for your comments 

  2. Frosty, Thanks.

    . I did HVAC and architectural. Love working with Copper. I am from Central Illinois and dab in buying and selling equipment mostly on the sheet metal side of this. I have an old Niagara 60" open throat stomp shear 24" depth that is neat but so heavy and takes up so much space it has been in inventory for a long time. The table I showed here is nice because it is easy to move around and you can put redheads in concrete and bolt it down, remove bolts and bring it in and out as you need it. When bolted down you can slide the hollow double seam stake out and use it. The nice part of that is it is half round and has the rivet or anvil at the end of it, then the plate at the back stays stationary for your forming stakes. Again thanks for the welcome.

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