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  1. Help me figure this forge out?

    After some tinkering and thought, I've decided it's safest and best to not fire this thing up until I do some major reworking of it. I appreciate all the input, gang.
  2. Help me figure this forge out?

    Ack! Retooling! Retooling!
  3. Help me figure this forge out?

    I have no idea what this means. Can you use the picture to explain? I'm not really that stupid, it's just been a long time with a lot of injuries, and I've forgotten a lot of terms and details. Honest.
  4. Help me figure this forge out?

    You know, I didn't even think to do a leak test. Brilliant idea. And I plan to respect the heck out of it, lol. I may even call it in the morning. Fortunately, I live far enough out in the country that a growly forge shouldn't bother anyone. I've got both a CO2 extinguisher and large buckets of sand and water on standby. We're under constant fire warnings here in Floriduh lately, so I don't take chances.
  5. Help me figure this forge out?

    Thanks for the input, Frosty. The more I look at this thing, the more nervous it makes me. For the life of me (possibly literally), I cannot imagine why he made those steel supply lines so xxxx long. Having blown myself up once before (2nd, near 3rd degree burns to both forearms from a gasoline explosion), I'm in no great hurry to have it happen again. Ever. I'm going to put using this thing on hold until I can do mods you recommend. I do intend to do some forge welding (I've got a big pile of wire rope I'm dying to try making wire Damascus with), so this Frankenstein's monster of a forge has to work efficiently and safely. Thanks for all your input , gang. Just for FYI, I got my knifemaking start working for Randall, and I've been hooked ever since. My passion is to make big blades, Bowies, Kukris, axes and swords, but right now, since I can only work on small stuff, I'm concentrating on Kiridashis, neckers, straight razors, and such like. It's been 12 years since I picked up a hammer, and it's good practice for my atrophied skills.
  6. Help me figure this forge out?

    OK, got images of the interior lid and jets. That's as close to the jet as my phone will focus, so sorry if it's not tight enough. Tell me what you think.
  7. Ball Peen Hammer Hawk

    Holy Carp, that's a pretty hawk. How many hours do you have in it?
  8. Help me figure this forge out?

    Tim, will do. I'm taking the top off today, weather permitting. I'll get what pics I can. Right now I'm praying it even HAS jets, and doesn't feed gas right into the chamber. Addendum: What kind of risk would ensue if I ran a test burn, as is?
  9. Help me figure this forge out?

    Apropos. He was an electrician and welder by trade, don't know that he'd ever seen a forge before. Still, all things considered, I think he did an ok job. I hope.
  10. Help me figure this forge out?

    It's a weld. I found it curious myself, and just checked it. Good catch, he welded it so the pipe is closed. I didn't think to look down the tube and see, I just assumed it was open the length of it. Why he left 2" of open pipe at the end is beyond me, however. I'm going to thread the end and cap it anyway, just in case there's a small hole or one ever develops. I do have support for the spiders already built (It's a pile of hard firebrick), and admit it's kind of a goofy looking set up. It's a weird setup, but it was a labor of love for his son in law, and I'm inclined to make it work for that reason alone. Not sure. He just gave me this thing as a gift at some point, and then between my injuries, recovery, moving and his falling out with the family, I never got details or have contact with him. So I'm going by guess and by gosh. In addition, he also gave me a giant trashbag with a huge roll of Kaowool. I'm guessing to replace the lining inside the forge. At some point, I'm going to get the regulator and set the crazy thing up, give it a go. From a safe distance, of course. Before that I'll see if I can get the top off and get a picture of the interior ends of the burners. Wacky looking thing, isn't it?
  11. Help me figure this forge out?

    I concur it's a weird set up. OTOH, if you'd met my FIL, it might make more sense. He's.....unique. Still, the workmanship is very good, and he did give it to me as a gift, so..... Got the butt cap for the pipe, and I'll get the regulator as soon as funds allow. SO looking forward to playing with a bigger, hotter forge.
  12. Help me figure this forge out?

    Thanks Dave! Yes, as anxious as I am to play with my big boy forge, I'm in no hurry to blow myself up. (again. Long story, have the scars.) Now that I've found this place, I'll be around for a while to come.
  13. Help me figure this forge out?

    G'Morning! Long story short, my FIL made this forge for me back in 2005. Same year I was in a crippling car accident, and I haven't been able to use it until now (It's been a LONG recovery). Anywho, I finally set it up, and I'm not really sure it's ready to light. So I'm posting these pictures of it for you lot to look over and tell me. My primary concerns are as to whether it needs a pressure regulator/gauge to run off a standard BBQ propane tank, and if that hole on the end of the feed pipe needs to be closed off. Right now I'm back to using a single firebrick forge, and as happy as I am to be forging again, I'd really like to use the big forge at the grown ups table, if you know what I mean. I'm open to all kinds of input, suggestions and insults, so go for it.